Protecting Your Applications Everywhere – Are You in Good Hands?

Cloud migration – one of the top trends this past year and predicted by many to be a top trend in 2015 – brings with it many benefits to the organization.  You can enjoy cost savings, scalability, flexibility, and productivity benefits for your organization, your customers and your partners.  Regardless of the industry they belong to, today’s enterprises are finding that the cost and speed advantages of cloud cannot be ignored.

But as is always the case, there are challenges – migration to the cloud means a more distributed network infrastructure.  As the traditional enterprise perimeter dissolves, organizations are facing a more distributed network infrastructure that splits across multiple cloud providers and the organization’s private network.  And protecting a distributed infrastructure across multiple instances, especially given the varying degree of protection offered by the different cloud-hosting vendors, is challenging.

Up until now, protecting your applications in the cloud was far from ideal.  You can choose to rely on the protection you get from the cloud-hosting vendors or choose a cloud-based solution – which in either case can result in limited protection coverage that leaves your web applications exposed.  You can also choose a web application firewall that resides on premise but that requires your IT teams to manage it and that doesn’t offer protection for your cloud-based applications.

That was then.  And this is now.

Last week here at Radware we launched the Hybrid Cloud Web Application Firewall (WAF) Service – a fully-managed service that provides always-on WAF and DDoS protection. It’s a hybrid solution in which the same technology can protect both cloud-based and on premise applications.  Where existing WAF solutions integrate dual technologies, which results in a gap between protection coverage and quality, Radware’s single technology approach makes migrating applications to the cloud safer and more secure.

Learn more about this new Hybrid Cloud WAF service, then ask yourself – is your web application protection in good hands?

Shira Sagiv

Shira Sagiv is the Director of Security Product Marketing at Radware. She is responsible for the positioning and messaging, launches, and all inbound/outbound product collateral for all security products. Prior to Radware, Shira spent 10 years at Microsoft HQ, in various senior product marketing positions including building Microsoft’s Security Response process and managing executive communications around the company’s security efforts. Before that, Shira was a senior software engineer team leader at Avaya. Shira holds a BSc. in Computer Science & Economics from Tel Aviv University and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

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