Radware Threat Researchers Live: Ep.15

In the latest episode of Radware Threat Researchers Live, Pascal Geenens and Daniel Smith discuss the following:

Ransom DoS
REvil vs Voice providers
Cursed Patriarch vs email providers
Booter customers are warned
Olympics – looking forward/back
Ukrainian Takedowns
Ransomware Saga
REvil (the real) Offline (again)
Authorities Hacking back
Conti, Groove, Darkside reactions
Yanluowang Ransomware
OWASP Top 10 2021 Update
Apache vulnerabilities
Dahua vulnerabilities & ban from shops
VMWare vCenter vulnerability
GTA Online Twitch streamers suffer DDoS

Watch below, episodes stream live the last Thursday of each month! Make sure to tune in next month, November 25th, we’ll have guest host Mathieu Huysman on the show to breakdown the threat landscape pertaining to the Gaming industry.

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