Protecting Network and Applications as a Managed Service Provider

The lack of security expertise is forcing many enterprises to evaluate service providers (SPs) for the responsibility of protecting their networks and application services from cyberattacks. This presents a golden opportunity for managed service providers to profitably deliver differentiated security services to enterprises of all sizes.

Challenges in Protecting Network and Applications

The evolving threat surface, changing security architecture, the rise of remote workers and the disappearing network perimeter, client-end exploitation, identity theft and breaches, and many hacks due to social engineering to steal credentials are just a few of the areas of concern for both enterprise and managed security service providers.

The impact of Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) is also creating a paradigm shift in cyber security dynamics. LLM are both potential threats and tools for defense. Attack motivations on applications in crucial verticals necessitates advanced, real-time, and autonomous security measures. Organizations should carefully review the new attack vectors highlighted by OWASP Top 10 for LLM.

While offering advanced security technologies and services with exceptional user experience is important, The SPs are looking to competitively differentiate, and prevent margin erosion while growing profitably.

Network and Application Protection Requirements for Managed Service Providers

Managed service providers need to address the key concerns of both adding new security services and scaling and securing their multiple enterprise customers (tenants). To deliver security services profitably, the service providers must balance:

  • Capital investments and ROI
  • Operational costs
  • Emergency Response
  • The type of value-added protections for customers’ networks and applications that add differentiation and monetization for the investments
  • Cost-effectiveness at scale
  • Disaster recovery and high availability needs
  • Multi-tenancy requirements

How MSSPs Can Both Provide Industry-leading Security Services and Reduce TCO

Radware’s network and application security solutions are built on AI-powered algorithms to protect legitimate user experiences while minimizing false positives and the need for human intervention.

Radware’s MSSP solutions address the key concerns and needs of managed service providers:

  • Build a profitable managed security service business and are concerned about capital investment.
  • Provide value-added protections for customers’ networks and applications with a state-of-the-art security portfolio to add differentiation and monetization.
  • Concerned about complicated operations and multiple management tools and are interested in easy-to-use, white-labeled, and multi-tenant capable operational tools for both administrative operations as well as reporting to tenants with fully managed solutions.
  • Leveraging Radware’s global footprint to access new markets.
  • Lack deep security expertise during emergencies and are looking for Emergency Response Team and 24×7 coverage.


For managed service providers looking to add new network and application security services to their portfolio, Radware’s new MSSP offerings allow service providers to customize, rebrand, and resell Radware’s Cloud DDoS Protection and Cloud Application Protection Services. The services are built to defend MSSPs’ customers against advanced cyber threats, including DDoS, DNS, application, and layer 7 Web DDoS attacks.

Prakash Sinha

Prakash Sinha is a technology executive and evangelist for Radware and brings over 29 years of experience in strategy, product management, product marketing and engineering. Prakash has been a part of executive teams of four software and network infrastructure startups, all of which were acquired. Before Radware, Prakash led product management for Citrix NetScaler and was instrumental in introducing multi-tenant and virtualized NetScaler product lines to market. Prior to Citrix, Prakash held leadership positions in architecture, engineering, and product management at leading technology companies such as Cisco, Informatica, and Tandem Computers. Prakash holds a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from BIT, Mesra and an MBA from Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

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