Empowering via Orchestration

As solution innovators we design towards compelling goals in emerging markets that are proven multiple times — all prior to broad adoption.  Throughout this process we optimize a design and implementation methodology by removing variables over and over again until we arrive at a perfect process.  It is not uncommon that while working towards the realization of target architectures focused on solving complex goals, we recognize fundamental benefits in the underlying solution.  This is where Orchestration stands today. 

OpenStack is capable of reducing implementation errors, administrative effort and specific knowledge of expert systems.  And although this may not be as glamorous as elasticity or network-enabled security, the idea of fundamentally improving service deployment success and the quality of life for those responsible is compelling.  We minimize exposure to MACD (Move Add Change or Delete) activity by deploying, testing, and producing parallel systems while deterministically decommissioning prior resources based on individual’s risk tolerance. 

Alcatel-Lucent’s CloudBand Ecosystem allows administrators the ability to capture this “perfect process” into application blueprints, harnessing the power of OpenStack, Nuage (Software Defined Networking) and their NFV platform.  These blueprints simplify the MACD procedures of managing expert systems into repeatable service calls — based on the requirements of vertical applications or application’s end-to-end system profiles.  This improves service quality, allows for business hour deployments, and enables a broader set of administrators. 

CloudBand is helping to empower customers, internal buyers and service administrators via orchestration. Radware compliments deliveries with cloud load balancing service and DDoS service functions that improve the availability, performance and security of applications.  Together we are delivering better solutions.

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Travis Volk

Travis Volk is the Technical Vice President of Global Business Development and Carrier Sales for Radware. Before joining our team in 2004, he served as a lead architect at AT&T for companies like Washington Mutual Bank, General Motors, American Express, Siemens and Sun Microsystems. An award-winning architect and thought leader, Travis has been architecting and deploying global systems with advanced services for the last fifteen years. He has been directly involved in first to market campaigns for VOD, IP Advertising, Social Media, IMS, CDNs, Cloud Services, LTE, SDN, NFV for the largest Service Providers globally. Working collaborative designs with customers and partners, Travis has been leading the process to develop, harden, and commercialize next-generation services and products ranging from virtualized core applications (Cloud Data Center) to personalized gateway services (Mobile Edge). Travis has expertise in both Wireline and Wireless systems for end-to-end content and application delivery, performance and security.

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