The Deep Exhale Before Mobile World Congress

In just a few weeks’ time, pandemonium will again run wild, as 100,000+ descend on Barcelona for Mobile World Congress.  For anyone who has been before, you know the run-up is filled with both anxiety and excitement.  

I expect MWC’s major themes to again cover 5G and IoT, with mobile operators and ecosystem vendors having had another year to progress these technologies and provide real innovation for multiple industries. 

Game Changers

The business of new mobile gadgets is, of course, expected and continues to pique the interest of almost everyone who attends.  However, what captures my attention are the breakthroughs made in healthcare, automotive, and industrial IoT; these are three industries that could really achieve game-changing advancements to help society at large.

For example, advances in healthcare IoT devices and applications help keep patients connected to their healthcare providers and better manage diseases. From smart asthma inhalers and diabetes sensors and medicine delivery devices, to sensors for mental illness, the possibilities for a healthier future are endless.  

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Similarly, automotive IoT developments are paving the way for safer roads, with collision detection warnings, congestion sensors and detection and alerts for wrong-way driving.

On a larger scale, gains in industrial IoT, like self-driving tractors and new paradigms for warehousing and product delivery, are revolutionizing manufacturing and farming.

Security at the Forefront

But no matter how impressive or exciting these devices are, security is often an afterthought. As we’ve previously discussed, “the rapidly-approaching deployment of 5G networks, combined with IoT device vulnerability has created a rich environment for mobile network cyberattacks.”  Indeed, today’s world of interconnected devices is vulnerable to hackers who would love nothing more than to leverage IoT data for nefarious purposes.

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Without robust security, these devices can be quite dangerous.

We’ll be at MWC to discuss cybersecurity solutions for 5G networks and IoT devices. Stop by and say hi to our onsite experts if you’re likewise in Barcelona.

Read “5G & IoT: Real-World Rollouts Launch New Opportunities and Security Threats” to learn more.

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Mike O'Malley

Mike O’Malley brings 20 years of experience in strategy, product and business development, marketing, M&A and executive management to Radware. Currently, Mr. O’Malley is the Vice President of Carrier Strategy and Business Development for Radware. In this role, he is responsible for leading strategic initiatives for wireless, wireline and cloud service providers. Mr. O’Malley has extensive experience developing innovative products and strategies in technology businesses including security, cloud and wireless. Prior to Radware, Mr. O’Malley held various executive management positions leading growing business units at Tellabs, VASCO and Ericsson. Mr. O’Malley holds a Master of Business Administration degree, a Master of Science in electrical engineering, and a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from the University of Illinois. He also is a graduate of the Executive Strategy Programs at the University of Chicago.

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