Recognizing that our direct actions are only part of the process, Radware strives to achieve consumption efficiency for our clients by implementing innovative solutions that assist in reducing the energy consumption.

  • In order to provide our clients the highest energy efficiency most of our products platforms are 80 Plus certified.
  • Our load balancing product, Alteon optimizes the servers’ utilization and can reduce the number of necessary servers.
  • Our R&D focuses on developing products that can host multiple solutions in order to avoid standalone products that require various hardware and more energy.
  • For our software products, Radware stopped the use of compact discs (CDs) and replaced it with web-based downloads instead, and the use of online instructions whenever possible to reduce the use of plastics and paper as well as reducing distribution processes.
  • Radware restricts the use of toxic substances in the manufacture and packaging of our hardware and software products. Radware requires that our global manufacturing partners and vendors follow applicable environmental laws and undertake sound environmental practices with respect to their facilities and the products they manufacture for us.


Radware understands the importance of sustainability as part of its business and believes that one of the ways to success can and should be through increasing efficiency, reducing resource consumption and improving behavioral change.

  • In the pursuit of energetic efficiency, we have replaced the PL light bulbs in the public areas of the building with LEDs that require less watts. We have also redesigned our labs in order to reduce the cooling systems energy consumption.
  • As part of our efforts to increase employees' awareness, Radware's internal portal presents environmental diverse information such as: energy consumption, paper use, water use, radiation and waste. Our employees can sign in and see the trends over the year and take part of our hard work to improve.
  • As part of Radware's recycling efforts every employee has a paper recycling bin and every floor has used ink and battery bins. In addition, the company recycles cardboard and fluorescent bulbs.
  • Radware is implementing new processes and equipment to reduce the paper use for printed materials (e.g. double sided printing default, realize printing jobs by personal card)
  • We are also making efforts in reducing the use of plastics and paper in product manufacturing by improving our internal operations and shipping processes.