Mail Command Injection

Mail Command Injection is an attack technique used to exploit mail servers and webmail applications that construct IMAP/SMTP statements from user-supplied input that is not properly sanitized. An IMAP/SMTP Injection makes it possible to access a mail server which otherwise would not be directly accessible from the Internet. In some cases, these internal systems do not have the same level of infrastructure security and hardening that is applied to the front-end web servers. Therefore, mail server results may be more vulnerable to attacks

The IMAP/SMTP Injection technique allows a wide variety of actions and attacks, depending on the type and scope of injection and the mail server technology. Some examples of attacks using the IMAP/SMTP Injection technique are:

  • Exploitation of vulnerabilities in the IMAP/SMTP protocol
  • Application restrictions evasion
  • Anti-automation process evasion
  • Information leaks
  • Relay/SPAM

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