Anonymous Sudan

Anonymous Sudan is a group of religiously motivated hackers from Sudan who have been conducting denial-of-service attacks against several Swedish and Danish organizations and critical infrastructure under the tags #OpSweden and #OpDenmark, since January 23, 2023.

The group claims to be “hacktivists”. Their actions are in reaction to a far-right activist, Rasmus Paludan, who holds both Danish and Swedish citizenship. Paludan burned a copy of the Quran in Sweden on January 21, 2023, and vowed to continue burning the Muslim holy book in Denmark until Sweden is admitted into NATO.

During a multi-day campaign in March 2023, the group targeted medical facilities, universities, and airports in France. The attack's motivation was a cartoon depiction of the prophet Muhammad, allegedly referencing the controversial Charlie Hebdo caricatures. During the same period, the group also leaked information from several airlines and payment providers, claiming they hacked the organizations and put up sensitive data for sale.

Because of their common objectives regarding Sweden, Killnet announced the addition of Anonymous Sudan as an official member in its cluster of hacktivists targeting western nations and countries opposing Russia. While there are allegations that Anonymous Sudan might be a Russian government false flag operation, there is only circumstantial evidence. During an interview with a Danish journalist, the leader of Anonymous Sudan was confirmed to be fluent in Arabic and Muslim.

Telegram: hxxps://

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