Killnet is a pro-Russia hacker group known for its denial-of-service attacks targeting government and private company websites in countries supporting Ukraine during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The group was reformed shortly after the invasion to oppose “Russophobes” and protect the interests of Russian citizens. Before the invasion, Killnet sold DDoS-for-hire services based on their botnet. Although KillNet’s objectives align with official Russian government organizations such as the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) or the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), their ties are unconfirmed.

Killnet is the most media-savvy pro-Russia hacktivist group. The attention it generated allowed it to create a large social following and a cluster of like-minded hacktivist groups that share and act on common objectives. Prominent members of the cluster include Anonymous Russia, Anonymous Sudan, Infinity Hackers Group, BEAR.IT.ARMY, Akur Group, Passion Group, SARD, and National Hackers of Russia.

In February 2023, Infinity Team, a collaboration between Killnet and Deanon Club, established its own forum and marketplace called Infinity. The forum offers advertisement spaces, paid status for those who want to perform business on the forum, and it currently offers a variety of hacking resources and services through its hack shop, including DDoS services.

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