Radware Announces SiteScale, an Easy-to-use Weight Wizard for Configuring the Web Server Director for Distributed Site

Radware Ltd. has announced the release of SiteScale, a highly efficient, easy-to-use weight wizard application for Radware's Web Server Director ™ for Distributed Sites (WSD-DS). Incorporated in each WSD-DS unit, SiteScale intuitively assists the network manager to determine the correct weights in the load balancing scheme for the entire distributed farm, and creates a set of weights for each WSD-DS site. These weights can then be used to set up and configure each WSD-DS unit, using ConfigMaster ™ or MultiView ™.

"Thanks to SiteScale's intuitive functionality, accuracy and user-friendliness, network managers can efficiently configure the WSD-DS units and define the parameters used for determining the correct distributed farm weight," said Roy Zisapel, president of Radware Ltd. "This tool streamlines the configuration process and greatly improves the overall performance of distributed sites."

Once configuration is complete, the correct weights are used in the load balancing scheme to transparently redirect traffic for the entire distributed server farm, and will be updated dynamically according to the actual load status of the farm. The weights will be used as a starting point when everything is up and running at each WSD-DS site. At this stage, the dynamic updates already reflect parameters, such as the number of users in each location and the different time zones.

The SiteScale weight wizard intuitively guides the user throughout the parameter definition process. Once the user has defined all the parameters, including number of servers, average server power, site bandwidth and site weight, SiteScale calculates the weights for all the sites. A table of sites, including all the parameters and weights, can subsequently be saved as a text file for printing or sending as an attachment to other WSD-DS sites via E-mail. This information can then be used to configure each WSD-DS unit.

Radware Ltd., a RND company, is a member of the multi-million dollar RAD Group, a family of 13 independent companies serving diverse markets and technological niches within the networking and communications industry. Radware provides enhanced information access by optimal utilization of server resources, be they Internet, Intranet, or Extranet applications. The company's flagship product, the Web Server Director™ (WSD), is already installed in many Fortune 500 companies and is employed by major Internet Service Providers worldwide. The WSD has been enthusiastically received by the professional data communications and internetworking communities and has won numerous awards, including the prestigious PC Magazine Editor's Choice award, Network Computing's Best Value award, and ZD Internet Lab's NetBest award in competition with all other major server load balancers. Radware products are sold worldwide through distributors, resellers, VARs, OEM agreements and joint ventures.