WSD (Web Server Director) Chosen by PC Magazine as Editor's Choice for Web-Server Load Balancer

Radware's WSD (Web Server Director) was chosen as PC Magazine's Editor's Choice following stiff head-to-head competition for Web-Server Load Balancers. According to PC Magazine, of the devices tested, "in terms of setup, pricing, and functionality, none did it better than the Web Server Director."

In its February 18th networking edition Web-Server Load Blancer Shoot Out, PC Magazine reported the results of its rigorous tests performed on the load balancing machines, which included simulating simultaneous requests to the servers as well as web server crash simulations. In choosing Radware’s WSD to be the Editor's Choice, the magazine stated, "Not only is the WSD the most reasonably priced load balancer we tested ($7515 for up to 100 servers), it is easy to install and manage, and it comes with excellent monitoring and security features."

The magazine applauded the WSD's easy installation. According to the magazine, "The WSD's configuration utility has a graphical interface that makes setup a snap." The testers also chose the WSD for its extensive features and cost effectiveness. PC Magazine stated that the WSD, provides excellent fault tolerance features, including support for redundant WSD boxes, detection of Web server software failure and alerts in the form of log entries and e-mail. They continued, "We also liked the WSD's security software and its ability to balance loads among servers at remote locations, and all of this functionality comes at a price that is more affordable than the other products we tested."

In the head-to-head competition between load balancers, the WSD decisively beat out the other devices including Cisco's LocalDirector which lists for $32,000 as opposed to the WSD at $7,515.

The WSD is not only suited for web server farms but is also ideal for any server farm in a corporate intranet application. According to Robert J. Kohlepp, who tested the WSD at his University of Wisconsin lab and enthusiastically reviewed it in Network Computing's Jan. 15th Sneak Preview, as far as the WSD is concerned, "we aren't just talking HTTP traffic; this baby will load-balance all IP traffic."