Application Delivery Networking
Featured document: Alteon Next-Generation ADC

Application delivery networking is a comprehensive IT strategy for the safe and efficient distribution of business-critical applications across a company's network. Utilized to provide improved availability and security of information and applications accessible over a network in an effort to increase overall business performance.

Many organizations today require a means of closing the performance gap between their business applications and processes and the IT infrastructure and network that supports them. In order to meet these requirements and assure that applications are readily accessible, efficient and secure, businesses should look to application delivery networking.

Radware Application Delivery Network Products

Radware’s cyber security, application delivery networking solutions and applications security products ensure optimal service levels for applications in virtual, cloud and software defined data centers. Over 60 industry awards give you confidence in Radware’s performance. View our application delivery network products below:

  • Alteon – Used for private/public/hybrid cloud, consolidation, disaster recovery, IPV6 migration and virtualization
  • FastView – Used for application acceleration and front end optimization
  • LinkProof – Used for disaster recovery, multi-homing and WAN connectivity
  • AppWall – Used for web application security and PCI compliance
  • AppXML – Used for Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) and XML delivery

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