Content Delivery Network

An IT infrastructure used by organizations to allow a variety of users access to business-critical information and applications in the most efficient manner possible. Utilized by employees at a central location, partners in remote locations such as branch offices, and customers and other users accessing data from mobile devices.

Businesses that employ a content delivery network have the ability to increase network reliability, resulting in enhanced data and application availability, which in turn can help boost overall performance and provide scalability for future business initiatives. As today's workforce grows increasingly more global, sustaining a working network for users to access and obtain the information they need is important. With a content delivery network, businesses can provide all end-users with the same level of functionality that they expect when accessing data from a central location, no matter where they connect or what device they use. Those accessing the network at remote offices or from one of the multitude of mobile devices available today, such as client laptops, smartphones or PDAs, should all be provided with an optimal level of operation. Content networks can also ensure secure connections for users across the globe while managing and redirecting traffic appropriately.