Time to Move from DevOps to DevSecOps, Finds Latest CIO Survey

Agility is the key to deliver real-time customer experience. For IT customers, this agility can drastically influence brand reputation. Today, global enterprises seek and scale their ability to adapt quickly to changing market conditions with new. Here, updated web applications are critical to success.  CIOs are constantly hounded with risky malware and data breaches. API integrations have been identified to be one of the biggest surface attack destinations. Yet, the hunt is on to provide agile infrastructures. Is it really possible to achieve the balance of CX, Security, and Agility?

What would you do if you are told that over 90% of the profit-making businesses have experienced a breach in their cybersecurity and IT operations! Out of which, only 45% are confident (half nods!) that they can stay away from any future breach.

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