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Radware application delivery and attack mitigation solutions extend the value of Cisco solutions for the data center across enterprises and carriers. Radware solutions enable data center managers to ensure application service level through all operational scenarios: optimizing normal operations, minimizing degradation and preventing outage.

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Cisco ACI

Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) in the data center is a holistic architecture with centralized automation and policy-driven application profiles. ACI delivers software flexibility with the scalability of hardware performance.

Radware's Alteon and DefensePro integrate with Cisco ACI fabric for automated tenant-based application delivery and security services. The automated service insertion is controlled by Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC).

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Product Integration

Radware products that are integrated with Cisco Technology.

Alteon NG


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Integration Benefits

Best of breed application delivery and DoS protection services - to maintain application service SLA eliminating the 'noisy neighbor' impact

Alteon NG application delivery controller (ADC) is the only load balancer that guarantees application SLA for all Web, cloud and mobile applications.
DefensePro offers most accurate real-time DoS/DDoS attacks detection and mitigation, without blocking legitimate user traffic.

Fully integrated ADC and DoS protection services with Cisco ACI

Radware's 'device packages' for Cisco ACI enable inserting ADC and DoS protection services per application and/or per network tenant
Cisco APIC automates the service insertion process while acting as a central point of policy control

Increase data center agility without compromising application SLA

Applications can move, scale-up or scale-out while retaining the associated services without any location specific constraints. Application policies can be optimized to best address the changing SLA requirements of applications as ACI utilizes Radware application delivery and security services anywhere throughout the network
Benefit from deploying Cisco ACI as a dynamic and automated datacenter infrastructure while continuously delivering applications without any adverse application SLA impact
Integration Guide: Alteon VA installed on VMware using Cisco UCS Servers
By combining the ADC virtualization Radware solutions using Alteon VA and VMware’s server virtualization solutions, customers can extract even more benefits from their virtualized IT infrastructure

Cisco UCS

Radware offers Alteon VA and Alteon VA for NFV application delivery controller solutions tested and certified with Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS)

Alteon VA Benefits:

  • Cost effective ADC cloud solution with elastic footprint and high capacity per CPU core
  • Guaranteed capacity of ADC services for critical business applications
  • Accelerated, on-demand provisioning of ADC services automatically tailored to customer needs
  • Proactively maintain high SLA per application with integrated APM solution

Alteon VA for NFV Benefits:

  • Delivering Advanced Carrier and Enterprise Functions - high capacity steering functions efficiently route traffic to different value added services (VAS) or monetization engines
  • Greater Cost Reduction - ADC function runs on a standardized hardware and doesn't require a specialized hardware purchase or implementation ― even for very high capacity applications
  • Reduced Operational Complexity - Significantly faster rollout of complex applications and reduced operational complexity by using SDN applications together with vDirect for service provisioning automation and NFV based network functions
  • Dynamic Scalability - Operators can seamlessly scale/add more instances for increased service capacity, using standard COTS servers together with Elastic Scale SDN applications
Integration Guide: Alteon NFV on Cisco UCS Servers
Radware’s Alteon Virtual Appliance (VA) for Network Function Virtualization (NFV) environments decouples ADC functions from dedicated underlying hardware, allowing a nextgeneration ADC on x86 commercially off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware
Solution Guide: Enabling Application Delivery & SLA Assurance in an Application Centric Infrastructure
Cisco ACI and Radware service based solutions offer the most advanced resource orchestration, traffic distribution, application visibility, security and optimization capabilities on the market.