Alteon Cloud Control

What Does Alteon Cloud Control Do?

Alteon Cloud Control enables simplified application delivery and security services deployment across various environments such as on-prem datacenters and private clouds and various public cloud providers. It ensures consistent management application delivery and security services and polices, regardless of where they are deployed.

It combines several components to effectively manage the life cycle of all L4-7 application services:

Automation engine that provides both a self-service user interface for provisioning and maintaining application delivery and security services

Analytic module which enables actionable insights into application performance

Licensing module Global Elastic License (GEL), to enable fast and agile distribution of ADC services licenses across multiple cloud environments

With Alteon Cloud Control, organizations can instantly deliver consistent application delivery and security services across multiple environments, while eliminating the need for experts to develop, deploy and maintain them.

Alteon Multi Cloud: Application Delivery & Protection for the Multi Cloud Era

With over 90% of organizations adopting a multi cloud strategy, the challenge of providing a consistent application delivery and protection solution across public and private clouds poses a heavy burden on them. Watch how Radware’s Alteon Multi cloud help organization optimize application delivery and protection services across multi cloud environment at a push of a button, while protecting their investment in their transition to the cloud.

What Makes Alteon Cloud Control a Better Multi-Cloud Controller?

Alteon Cloud Control is a leading ADC controller that simplifies all aspects of ADC service deployment across multiple cloud environments. It provides tools for fast and agile creation of new application delivery and security services, monitor their health and give complete flexibility on how Radware's ADC is distributed across multiple environments and clouds.

Consistent Service Across All Clouds

Consistent application delivery and security services is ensured through a single ADC technology that runs across different cloud infrastructure and via a single pane of glass to manage those ADC services.

Fast and Simple

Complete automation with simple wizards, eliminating need for ADC experts, ensures ADC services are rolled out quickly, even by non-ADC experts while minimizing chances for human errors.

Constant TCO Optimization

Ongoing discovery of new/removed application resources, as well as automatic scaling of the ADC capacity per application ensure your cloud bill is optimized to actual application capacity usage.

Actionable Service Health Insights

With Alteon Cloud Control's analytics module, end-to-end visibility of application health, timing per application, and event reporting, discovering and performing faster root cause analysis has never been easier.

REST APIs for DevOps Automation Tools

Extensive REST APIs to enable smooth integration with DevOps tools such as Ansible and streamline the ADC service lifecycle into DevOps processes, regardless of where the ADC service is required (i.e. private cloud, AWS, Azure, etc.)

Flexible Licensing

Alteon (GEL) enables an instant and completely dynamic deployment of ADC services in terms of capacity, number of ADC instances and distribution across cloud environments. GEL eliminates planning risks of ADC purchasing, while lowering costs and significantly improving investment protection.

Autoscaling – For Ongoing TCO Optimization

Alteon Cloud Control keeps application SLA optimized at all times while automatically adjusting application resources and ADC capacity to the actual real time application load. It automatically discovers new/removed application servers and add/remove them to the load balancing pool. Application delivery and security resources are similarly automatically scaled up and down, adding/removing ADC resources. With no over provisioning at any point of time – the result is significant TCO reduction.

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