Alteon Global Elastic License (GEL)

What Does Alteon Global Elastic License Do?

Alteon Global Elastic License is a new purchasing and deployment model that enables a high level of flexibility for ADC services across datacenters, private and public clouds. GEL enables dynamic ADC capacity allocation and the ability to move that capacity across environments, without having to invest separately in a dedicated ADC infrastructure for each and every location where organization’s applications are deployed (e.g. on premise, public cloud etc.). This new application delivery licensing model (increases agility and decreases cost) helps eliminate planning risks in the purchase and deployment of ADC services, enabling continuous investment protection of the ADC infrastructure throughout its lifecycle duration.

What Makes Alteon Global Elastic License Better?

Alteon Global Elastic Licensing now allows businesses to make conservative ADC infrastructure planning and optimize their costs, while keeping the full flexibility to adjust their ADC infrastructure deployment at no extra cost or effort. Alteon GEL also enables allocating resources as needed and adding virtual ADCs at a moment’s notice to fit their specific business initiatives, environments, and applications demands. For businesses moving to cloud environments or managing a large number of applications, Alteon Global Elastic Licensing offers a cost-efficient model for managing their application delivery services, improving both scalability and agility. Radware GEL licensing Model is the first and only solution on the market to allow a single throughput/capacity license to be shared across physical and Virtual ADCs, on premise and in the cloud, regardless of location or type.

Alteon GEL is designed from the ground up to enable complete automation of ADC services deployment and maintenance, allowing the administrator not only to seamlessly spin up new ADC instances, but also use wizards and scripts to distribute the corresponding ADC service configuration – all at the same push of a button.

Alteon Global Elastic License Benefits

Simpler planning, and no more planning risks – one global elastic license for the entire organization’s ADC needs

Optimized cost on ADC deployments – no over-provisioning needed, pay only for what you need and consume

Optimizing costs during cloud transition, enabling transferring of ADC capacity from your physical data center to the cloud

Frictionless set up to help facilitate time to market requirements with DevOps teams

Unmatched agility – spin up any number of ADC instances in any environment its needed, at a click of a button and at no extra cost and with no purchasing complexity

Cloud migration – buy hardware now to accommodate current requirements. Don’t reinvest down the line; simply move the capacity from hardware to the cloud

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