Alteon VA for NFV Features and Benefits

Integration with Cloud Orchestration Systems

  • Integration with NFV-based infrastructure virtualization and orchestration frameworks (KVM, OpenStack)
  • Provisioning of a new Alteon VA instance
  • Configuration and maintenance of ADC services
  • Scaling capacity and decommissioning of instances

SDN Application Benefits in NFV Environment

Smarter deployment of network services

Simplifies implementation of advanced and complex network services

Improved operational efficiency of network management and application changes

Streamline network services provisioning and operations

Advanced Carrier Functionality

State of the art transparent traffic steering

Load balances control and data plane protocols

Streamlines mobile service delivery

Seamless Control Plane Interoperability

Automate user aware and network aware traffic steering functionality

Eliminates long and costly R&D cycles needed to align different protocols

Fast and simple roll-out of new network applications

Automated user aware and/or network aware real-time policy enforcement

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