Alteon VA for NFV

What Does Alteon VA for NFV Do?

Alteon VA for NFV is the next generation Alteon Virtual Appliance for NFV environments, delivering a scalable, ultra-high capacity of up to 200Gbps per instance and multi Tbps in a multi-instance deployment. It decouples ADC functions from dedicated underlying hardware and enables next-generation ADC services to run on x86 commercially off the shelf (COTS) hardware.

Alteon VA for NFV reduces total cost of ownership (TCO), simplifies network services deployment, enables capacity elasticity and automates lifecycle management. It enables carriers, large enterprises, and e-commerce networks to become smarter, more programmable, flexible and cost-effective through SDN transformation and NFV compliance.

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Next Generation Alteon Virtual Appliance for NFV Environments
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What Makes Alteon VA for NFV Better?

As the first Alteon NFV compliant software-based ADC on the market, Alteon VA for NFV enables operators and carriers to realize NFV benefits by migrating implementation of ADC services from a dedicated hardware appliance deployment model to Radware's NFV-based deployment model.

Key benefits include:

Greater Cost Reduction

Running ADC function on standardized hardware – eliminates specialized hardware purchase or implementation

Reduced Operational Complexity

Faster rollout of complex applications and reduced operational complexity

Dynamic Scalability

Seamlessly scale/add more instances – eliminating forklift upgrades, using resources only when needed

Advanced Carrier Functions

Efficiently route traffic to different value added services (VAS) or monetization engines with high capacity steering functions