Alteon Virtual Load Balancer & Appliance

What Does the Alteon Virtual Load Balancer Appliance Do?

Whether your application runs in a fully virtualized environment or you need a cost effective development and staging environment, Alteon Virtual Appliance (VA) provides the right load balancing solution for your needs.

Is Your Application Delivery Virtualization Ready?

Virtualization/consolidation projects significantly impact the effective delivery of applications to end users. This video will help you understand if your infrastructure is ready for the unique demands of a virtual load balancer imposed by application delivery virtualization.

Alteon VA is a fully-featured Alteon application delivery controller (ADC), packaged as a virtual load balancer running on virtualized server infrastructure. It is a SoftADC that provides identical functionality to Radware's Alteon physical ADC devices including:

Local and global server virtual load balancing with Layer 7 aware content redirection and modification

Web application firewall (WAF) through the embedded AppWall software module

Application acceleration with the embedded FastView module and HTTP/2 gateway

Real-time monitoring, proactive SLA management and assurance with agent-less Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Application specific optimized configuration guides and templates with automation and reports through AppShape modules

Read More about Radware's Virtual Load Balancer and Virtual Application Delivery Infrastructure (VADI).

What Makes Alteon VA Better?

Alteon VA virtual load balancer provides agile and elastic ADC virtualization services that can be enabled on-demand, with scalable performance up to 17Gbps of layer 4 capacity, accelerating response time, improving resilience, and enhancing security.

If you are a cloud provider, Alteon VA, built with the vDirect plugin for orchestration systems, delivers advanced on demand application delivery services including tiered services for application security, performance monitoring, and acceleration through a turnkey self-service portal solution.

With Alteon VA virtual load balancer, we can easily run applications on Amazon or in our private datacenters, eliminating concerns around application performance or meeting SLAs for our customers. It helps us gradually migrate websites to Amazon Web Services cloud without any service disruption or additional cost."

- Domenico Martini,
Network Manager at Seat Pagine Gialle

Maximum ADC Agility

Alteon VA virtual load balancer provides maximum ADC agility for private and public cloud environments as well as enterprise virtualized data centers. Rapidly provisioned and deployed in the data center to perform application delivery services and provide greater business agility on top of hypervisors, such as VMware vSphere, KVM, and Open XEN as well as cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft’s AZURE.

Drives Workflow Automation

When integrated with orchestration systems in the data center, Alteon VA unleashes the full agility of virtual load balancing and application delivery services and drives workflow automation and a greater level of efficiency in the virtualized data center.

The Right Application Delivery Choice for Cloud Service Providers

Ideal for cloud service providers that offer application delivery services as well as other computing services with very high business agility to customers. Its unique offering of three form factors is fully aligned with cloud providers' tiered approach to service level guarantee as it enables them to offer differentiated ADC services based on customer SLA requirements, while still benefiting from the same level of agility and unified management of all ADC instances.

Easy Migration from Test Environments to Production

Very useful for lab, testing, and demo environments, where network, security, and application teams can quickly deploy it to test how applications and networks will respond in a production environment when managed by an Alteon device. It simplifies the integration between the developed application and Alteon VA and shortens the deployment time of new applications and services in the virtualized and cloud data centers. To start using Alteon VA in your lab click here.

Most Secured Application Delivery Service

Complete with a web application firewall module that protects web applications from a wide range of application level attacks, including OWASP top 10 attacks, 150 of known attack types and zero day attacks. It’s unique ability to deploy the WAF module out of path eliminates any potential delay or bottlenecks, and reduces the risk of WAF deployment in a production environment.

Unmatched Application Acceleration

Alteon VA’s embedded FastView web performance optimization (WPO) module and its HTTP/2 gateway module enables Alteon to seamlessly provide up to 40% performance acceleration on the applications it load balances, while significantly reducing network load and improving user experience.

Try Alteon VA Virtual Load Balancer for Free Today

Alteon VA Demo

Alteo VA demo is available with a hassle free perpetual license for lab testing, allowing ADC administrators and developers to instantly install, test and use a fully featured ADC with all capabilities found in the full Alteon VA version. The Alteon VA demo packages includes automation modules for different environments, allowing non-ADC experts to take advantage of advanced ADC services with a push of a button.

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Alteon VA in the Cloud

Alteon VA is also available for deployment on public cloud providers using leading hypervisors such as VMware, KVM and others.

Customers can also purchase, deploy and instantly deploy Alteon VA on:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) market place Amazon Web Services (AWS) market place

Microsoft Azure market place Microsoft Azure market place

What Does Alteon Virtual Appliance for NFV Do?

Alteon VA for NFV is the next generation Alteon Virtual Appliance for NFV environments, delivering a scalable, ultra-high capacity of up to 200Gbps per instance using commercially off the shelf (COTS) servers.

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