Application Management and Application Monitoring Products

Deploying and managing globally distributed application delivery and network security services can be a highly complex task. But with Radware’s application management and application monitoring solutions, organizations can centrally manage and monitor the health, real-time status and performance of its application delivery structure. With complete visibility into the performance breakdown by application, location or transaction, businesses can increase operational efficiencies with solutions that enable quick and straightforward solutions to problems.


Application Performance Monitoring is an end-to-end application monitoring and application management solution that manages and tracks application SLA. It provides complete visibility into your applications' performance with a breakdown by application, location or specific transaction. APM allows you to proactively maintain application performance and protect SLAs with real-time error detection and the ability to track real user transactions and response time.

Use This Product For:
Optimized Web Application Management & Performance
Application SLA Monitoring


vDirect is the industry's first ADC management orchestration plug-in, designed specifically for virtual data centers. vDirect is offered as a CLI tool, a fully functional REST API, and a pre-integrated plugin for select working environments such as VMware vCloud Director, OpenStack, VMware vCenter Orchestrator and Red Hat RHEV-M. It provides building blocks for provisioning and managing ADC and security services throughout their lifecycle in an operational production data center.

Use This Product For:
Orchestration of VMware virtualization infrastructure
Provision, Decommission, Configure & Monitor vADC Resources


APSolute Vision is the management and monitoring tool for the Radware family of application delivery and security solutions. It consolidates the monitoring and configuration of up to 1,000 devices across multiple data centers eliminates the need to deploy multiple management appliances across data centers.

Use This Product For:
Advanced Performance Monitoring (APM) Central Monitoring
Multi-Device Management  

MSSP Portal

The MSSP Portal is a fully integrated solution that encompasses behavioral-based attack mitigation, DDoS detection and prevention, centralized attack management, and monitoring/reporting and delivers it as a service to organizations.

Use This Product For:
Scalable DDoS detection & mitigation
Centralized attack management, monitoring and reporting