AppXcel Features and Benefits

Application Delivery

Boosts Application Response Speeds by Up to 500%
  • Accelerates delivery of SSL based transactions
  • Reduces latencies of transmission control protocol (TCP) and “chatty” HTTP
  • Improves transaction speeds and bandwidth consumption to provide immediate return on investment
  • Lowers response time by offloading servers’ TCP connection handling and repetitive content fetching from servers
  • Improves response times by fetching content from local cache (rather than server)
Accelerates Content Delivery
  • Eliminates web application latencies across the WAN
  • Automatically detects and employs pre-configured compression to align content size with end-user device capabilities (e.g., access speed, display resolution, etc.), accelerate content delivery for any user type (e.g., PDA, Smart-phone, broadband) and reduce image size by up to 1000%
  • Enables faster downloads and shorter response time through web compression (average file compression ratio is 4 to 5 times [20%- 25%] of its original size)
  • Optional hardware-based compression card ensures optimal content delivery and bandwidth savings through compression of text (HTTP/HTTPS) and images (.jpeg)
  • Provides accessibility to web-based applications at unprecedented speeds for wireless and hand-held clients for unique support of wireless TCP (W/TCP)
Offloads CPU Intensive Tasks from Servers and Optimizes Use of IT Infrastructure
  • Offloads high-throughput secure socket layer (SSL) encryption from servers while ensuring continuous SSL service availability and transaction completion
  • Provides up to 32,000 TPS and 150,000 concurrent connections of SSL traffic
  • Consolidates or reduces server utilization and operation costs up to 40%
  • Reduces servers load by fetching content from local cache (rather than server)
Maximizes Bandwidth Usage
  • 80% savings in bandwidth costs (in proportion to the compression ratio)
  • Fully compatible with all commercial browsers; no client-side software or hardware required
  • Supports all commercial web servers


Support for Best-Of-Breed Add-On Services
AppXcel’s Linux-based open service architecture provides a platform for easy integration of best-of-breed add-on services
Only Solution that Addresses Information Security and Privacy Three Ways
  • Provides network security devices full visibility into encrypted traffic so that they aren’t blinded
  • Secures web and web services


High Availability with Real-Time Failure Bypassing
AppDirector’s extensive health monitoring capabilities enables real-time detection of any faulty AppXcel™ service, automatically bypassing it and switching traffic to available AppXcel service platform and guaranteeing full availability of all AppXcel’s service engines