APSolute Vision Network Management Tool and Networking Monitoring Tool

What Does APSolute Vision Network Monitoring Tool Do?

Would you like the ability to easily monitor and manage your entire network from one centralized location? We have a pretty exciting network management tool and networking monitoring tool for you.

APSolute Vision is the network management tool and network monitoring tool for the Radware family of application delivery and application security solutions. It provides immediate visibility to health, real-time status, performance and security of enterprise-wide application delivery and network and application security infrastructures from one central, unified console (even if you have multiple data centers).

What Makes APSolute Vision Better?

APSolute Vision is a network management tool that consolidates the monitoring and configuration of up to 1,000 devices across multiple data centers. This eliminates the need for deploying management appliances in multiple data centers - simplifying data center management. In addition, it gives advanced management and monitoring capabilities without any specific middleware, software or custom code:

Centralized Management for Application Delivery & Security

Advanced management capabilities through a unique plug-and-play device support mechanism that provides initial device setup, on-going maintenance, SSL certificate management, real-timer reporting, capacity utilization measurement, forensics, and more.

Real-Time & Historical Dashboards

Enterprise-wide view of security and attack statuses from a single console. Data is collected and evaluated in a consolidated view of dashboards so users can easily find information and speed upincident identification and provide root cause analysis.

Visibility & Control of Radware’s AMS

APSolute Vision is a network monitoring tool that provides visibility into Radware’s Attack Mitigation System (AMS) including the status of all underlying devices and subscriptions such as the Emergency Response Team (ERT), Security Update Service (SUS), RSA Security Signature, DefenseFlow, and DefensePipe.

Enterprise Regulatory Compliance

Complete alignment with enterprise's compliancy, regulations and business processes it ensures the appropriate separation of duties, collection of information, configuration, and operation auditing mandated by business processes, regulations and information security standards (PCI-DSS, SOX, HIPAA, etc.).

SLA Based Management

Includes built-in SLA-based management dashboards that detect SLA issues in real-time and takes action before it impacts the end user, shortens time to resolve business continuity, and conducts effective application delivery and security capacity planning.

Integrated Real-User Monitoring (RUM)

Featuring an Application Performance Monitoring (APM) module that measures the performance and SLA of applications, as well as the QoE of users served through Radware's ADC, it enables application administrators to ensure applications continuously meet SLA targets.

Improved Productivity and Interoperability

Equipped with enterprise-grade tools that streamline day-to-day operation. Multiple device configuration filters manage devices per criteria, selects multiple devices and applies common configuration at one time.

Data Center Workflow & Automation Tools

Great productivity through a set of tools (Operator Toolbox, AppShape configuration templates, DefensePro templates, and vDirect) that automate a variety of processes along the lifecycle of the application delivery and security services.

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