Enhancing Security for AWS Deployments 

Radware Cloud Security Services for Businesses Using Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has become a common place for organizations of all sizes to host critical applications, either in public or private cloud (VPC) environments. As a result, it is important to ensure these applications receive the same levels of protection from distributed denial of service (DDoS) and advanced web attacks that on-premises applications do.

Radware’s Cloud Security Services offer easy-to-deploy cloud-based security that can be integrated with your AWS environments to provide proactive, automated protection from advanced threats.

Cloud DDoS Protection Service

Effective DDoS protection is a must for any web application or website today. In the past, organizations choosing to host those applications or sites in AWS had to make a trade-off: sacrifice levels of security for the convenience and cost benefits of AWS. Radware provides applications hosted on AWS with the widest protection from the full breadth of DDoS attacks with real-time mitigation and no added latency in peacetime.

Key features of Radware Cloud DDoS Protection Services include:

More accurate attack detection through Network Behavioral Analysis

Protection from application-layer, SSL-based and zero-day DDoS attacks that other services miss

Unique SSL-attack mitigation in the cloud that maintains user data confidentiality

Fully managed service by Radware's battle-proven Emergency Response Team

Organizations can now get the same level of protection and control with on-premise applications even in AWS. Radware's Cloud DDoS Protection Service for applications hosted on AWS include:

On-Demand Cloud DDoS Protection Service

On-Demand Cloud DDoS Protection Service that includes remote monitoring of the applications, automatic detection of a DDoS attack, proactive alerts to the customer, and automatic diversion to Radware's cloud scrubbing centers for real-time mitigation once an attack is detected.

Always-On Cloud DDoS Protection Service

Always-On Cloud DDoS Protection Service where the application's traffic is constantly routed through Radware's cloud scrubbing centers providing real-time attack detection and mitigation. AWS customers can easily leverage this service through a simple DNS change to its fully qualified domain name (FQDN) that will route application traffic through Radware’s DDoS protection infrastructure.

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Cloud Web Application Firewall Service

Availability attacks such as DDoS aren’t the only threat to applications in AWS. As more business critical applications are hosted in AWS, there is greater risk of breach of sensitive data that can cause a loss of customer trust, brand damage, and potentially regulatory penalties. Radware’s Cloud WAF Service provides advanced protection from cyber-attacks that try to hack into applications to steal data and disrupt application use.

Key features of Radware Cloud WAF Service include:

Automated policy generation for new applications or changes to existing applications

Full coverage of OWASP top-10 attacks (not just previously seen attacks)

Protection from collateral damage risks, i.e., downtime due to other customers getting attacked

Protection from zero-day web attacks

Fully PCI-DSS compliant solution

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Leveraging Virtualized Radware Technology for AWS


In addition to using Radware Cloud Security Services, customers can also leverage a virtualized version of Radware’s award-winning WAF, Appwall. Radware's Alteon VA for AWS supplies sophisticated and all-inclusive application delivery capabilities essential to effectively meet challenges of application deployment, SSL acceleration, and application delivery in today's data centers. By making it available on AWS Marketplace, Radware customers will be now able to deploy mission critical applications on Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) with ease.

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