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Cloud WAF Service

Radware’s Cloud WAF Service offers an enterprise-grade WAF in an easy to use, hassle free service that provides unmatched, always-on protection from web-based attacks including full coverage of OWASP Top-10 threats.

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This service provider turned to Radware cloud DDoS protection services to top application-level attacks and restore service to its 250 million subscribers

Learn how this airline, one of the largest in South America, improved their security, reliability, and customer experience with help from Radware's fully-managed Cloud WAF Service and Cloud DDoS Protection Service.

Learn how Radware's security solutions helped this longstanding credit union protect against application-layer attacks, DDoS attacks, malicious bots, and more to delivery their customers a top-notch digital experience.

High-volumetric burst attacks threatened the availability of the websites for one of the largest supermarket and retail companies in APAC. In addition, competitors engaged in web scrapping which caused site latency and lost revenue. Learn why they selected a completely managed, cloud-based DDoS and WAF solution. 

This international hospitality and ecommerce company required a web application security solution that would ensure availability of its website and reservation systems

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