Cloud Web Acceleration Service

What Does Cloud Web Acceleration Service Do?

Increasingly complex Web pages are negatively impacting website performance, and as a result, the digital experience. The key to faster websites and web-based applications is to improve front-end performance and optimize each page’s code for faster rendering in the browser. In the past, front-end optimization (FEO) was time consuming and could only be performed manually by developers with specific performance expertise. The key is optimization via automation.

Cloud Web Acceleration Service delivers the fastest web application response time and ensures best application service level.

Run applications up to 40% faster

Automatically optimizes content according to device and browser

Save development resources spent on optimization

CDN agnostic solution that complements the CDN

What Makes Cloud Web Acceleration Service Better?

Cloud Web Acceleration Service speeds up web applications by up to 40% and eliminates the need to continuously invest development resources in code optimization per browser or device type.

Based on our FastView technology, Cloud Web Acceleration Service continuously monitors the web application and automatically optimizes its content for faster delivery to the end user, according to device type and web browser.

It provides unmatched acceleration for most web applications; ensuring end users always get the best experience while browsing your web site. Using dozens of web performance optimization techniques per page and on the file, it helps save development resources required for manual code and content optimization.

Faster Website Just a Click Away

Activated via a simple DNS change, with no additional hardware or software installed, Cloud Web Acceleration Service is easily deployed and rapidly provides web performance optimization to your applications.

Higher Revenues

Higher Conversion

Better Reputation

Fully Managed Acceleration Service

Includes 24x7 support, proactive dashboard, system monitoring, and automatic acceleration template generation. The service gives full support and service before, during and after any application and content changes, to ensure continuous performance optimization Cloud Web Acceleration Service delivers simplified, streamlined and optimized web pages with the industry's fastest load times.

Accelerates modern and legacy browsers – automatically creates different HTML for different browser types, and optimizes pages on the fly, per browser request.

Only technology to accelerate performance for both fixed and mobile clients, with dedicated acceleration techniques per each device type.

Automatically learns user behaviour and browsing patterns to accelerates the entire transaction, not just one page at a time.

Designed for Web sites and Web application owners

Accelerate Web applications and Web sites through a simple-to-deploy cloud service

Mobile specific application optimization (optional license)

Pay per use with inherent on-demand capacity scalability