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DDoS prevention guide

Global Application & Network Security Report 2017-2018

Radware’s Emergency Response Team brings together findings from its global industry survey, Radware’s organic research, real attack data and customer stories to paint a picture of where we are and what security professionals can do. Security teams can use findings and insights from this report when analyzing the threat landscape and designing DDoS prevention and mitigation strategies to protect their enterprises.

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Radware’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) provides instant, 24/7 expert security services & DDoS mitigation strategies.

This datasheet provides an overview of Radware’s ERT protection packages and services.

 Radware’s SUS is a security advisory and managed monitoring/detection system dedicated to protecting network elements, hosts and applications against the latest security vulnerabilities and threats.

Radware’s emergency response services respond to customer emergencies and provide 24/7 mitigation services to safeguard digital assets and prevent cyber-attacks before they occur

The Radware ERT Active Attackers Feed provides customers with information pertaining to attack sources recently involved in DDoS attacks. Provided by Radware’s Emergency Response Team (ERT), this feed enhances Radware’s Attack Mitigation Solution and extends the automated, real-time protection provided by Radware’s DDoS mitigation platform, DefensePro, enabling preemptive blocking of attackers before they target your organization’s network.

Radware’s emergency response service helps respond to emergencies, neutralize security risks and better safeguard operations before irreparable damages occur.