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DDoS prevention guide

Global Application & Network Security Report 2017-2018

Radware’s Emergency Response Team brings together findings from its global industry survey, Radware’s organic research, real attack data and customer stories to paint a picture of where we are and what security professionals can do. Security teams can use findings and insights from this report when analyzing the threat landscape and designing DDoS prevention and mitigation strategies to protect their enterprises.

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Radware’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) provides instant, 24/7 expert security services & DDoS mitigation strategies.

Read this infographic to understand the challenges faced by organizations to maintain customer trust and protect their brands while fighting the threat landscape.

High-profile assaults have elevated cyber-attacks to the front pages and onto the desks of C-suite executives. Read this quick infographic to find out how over 200 IT executives in the U.S. and Europe are responding to this new wave of botnets and malicious malware.

Data is lucrative, both to hackers who steal it and companies who must secure it. Read this infographic for highlights from Radware’s latest report that identifies major attack trends, examines industry preparedness and gives insider views from the frontlines to the corner office.

An infographic outlining the economic impact a DDoS attack can have on an organization.

2015 saw defenses succumb to new threats as the ability to choreograph responses in real-time diminished. The Global Application and Network Security Report reveals 2015 attack trends and offers predictions for 2016 as the rise of cyber botted defense approaches.