Content Delivery Network

content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) is an integrated system of computers linked together across the Internet that cooperate to deliver content (i.e., data, applications) transparently to end users. In order to access business data or applications from a central office, mobile/smart device, or remote location, many organizations rely on a content delivery network to help optimize response time and quality of experience. With the workforce of today's businesses spread across the globe, providing both central and remote access is critical to increasing and maintaining productivity yet at the same time remains challenging for IT departments to manage.

For a company's IT department to provide fast, reliable and secure web-enabled applications to centralized or dispersed users, an application delivery approach that incorporates global server load balancing, intelligent traffic shaping, and content transformation methods is necessary. Global server load balancing ensures that capacity is managed across servers in order to deal with surges or bottlenecks, traffic is directed to the best site, and transaction continuity is maintained via failover techniques. Traffic shaping helps manage bandwidth and enforce quality of service (QoS) policies for proper prioritization of traffic and controlled consumption. Content transformation methods include web compression, image reduction, and caching to improve the response time of applications. Security is also an important component for the prevention of malicious attacks that can block access to or compromise the proper functioning of applications.

Radware's Content Delivery Network Solutions

If your business is searching for a way to integrate or upgrade to a more efficient content delivery network, and enhance user experience, Radware has the products and experience to help. Radware’s approach to optimizing the delivery of applications over IP networks utilizes a host of integrated application delivery services including: global load balancing, traffic redirection, health monitoring, traffic shaping, bandwidth management, application acceleration and intrusion prevention and denial of service protection.

AppDirector uses advanced Layer 4-7 policies, granular classification and management capabilities to optimize traffic flows. Its patented global re-direction solution architecture offers proximity and load measurement for best site selection and the widest set of re-direction methods for transaction persistency. AppDirector also employs a variety of traffic shaping and bandwidth management techniques to align bandwidth usage to business needs. This ensures that all network elements provide the required priority to specific application traffic. And, AppDirector utilizes hundreds of pre-defined health checks for real-time failure detection and bypassing.

Our AppXcel product employs web compression, image reduction, and caching for fast application and transaction response times and the best end-user experience across the LAN, WAN and the Internet. Through web compression AppXcel enables faster downloads and shorter response time (average file compression ratio is 4 to 5 times [20%- 25%] of its original size). AppXcel also automatically detects and employs pre-configured compression to align content size with end-user device capabilities (e.g., access speed, display resolution, etc.); accelerates content delivery for any user type (e.g., PDA, Smart-phone, broadband); and reduces image size by up to 1000%. It also reduces servers load by fetching content from the local cache rather than the server.

Lastly, Radware offers intrusion prevention and denial-of-service capabilities as an added license for AppDirector or a standalone intrusion prevention system, DefensePro for complete application and network security.

By providing users with full and secure accessibility to all web-based applications (at unprecedented speeds), their expectations for high-quality interaction with applications are exceeded. For questions or more information about our content delivery network solutions, please contact us and a knowledgeable Radware representative will answer promptly.