The recent Israel Defense Forces ‘Operation Pillar of Cloud’ in the Gaza Strip, which was officially launched on 14 November, 2012, has raised strong protests from the Anonymous cyber group, which have in response launched #OpIsrael, a cyber-attack campaign whose main objectives are:

  1. Ensure communication channels availability in the Gaza Strip, and provide alternative communication methods in case of an Israeli communication blackout as part of the military operation.
  2. Take down Israeli and Israeli-related Websites.
  3. Deface Israeli sites and promote anti-Israeli agendas.
  4. Stop the violence.

During #OpIsrael, several Israeli government sites were reported down, and additionally many other small privately held sites were defaced. The attackers try to deface sites in order to plant their pro-Palestinian/anti-Israeli messages. During the cyber attack the attackers used various attack tools including LOIC, Mobile LOIC, Hping and ByteDos in order to perform HTTP, UDP and TCP SYN/RST floods.

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