TheWikiBoat is a hacking group similar to Anonymous and LulzSec, claiming that its motivation for hacking is solely entertainment.

Their only major operation, Operation NewSon (#OpNewSon for short)—aiming to launch distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against over 40 major companies using the tool Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) as both a means of entertainment and "sticking it to the man" - has been considered by many to be a complete failure. TheWikiBoat themselves, when asked if #OpNewSon was a failure, replied, "It's hard to say really, one target was downed, and #OpNewSon has only just begun; We never exactly said how long it would last, and it certainly isn't over yet."  They blamed the "failure" of their operation on the administrators of the "VoxAnon" IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network, suggesting that their poor moderating hindered communication efforts that might have made their LOIC-based DDoS attacks more effective. One particular user noted that, "…a bit under 400 were in the IRC channel receiving instructions to FIRE FIRE FIRE - though based on the results I’d guess there were all of 5 people actively participating in the DDoS."

On July 18th, as what seems to be an indication of a hiatus, TheWikiBoat’s Twitter account (@TheWikiBoat) tweeted, "#TheWikiBoat will be ending our current tour. We may sail again soon, but for now we are relaxing on our island counting the loot."

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