Application Performance & Acceleration Solutions

Increase Performance and Speed of Business-Critical Applications & Websites

We understand that customer satisfaction, employee productivity, business agility, and revenue all hinge on business-critical applications working as expected. That's why we're passionate about helping customers boost the performance of business critical applications - from providers such as Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, IBM and VMware - and accelerate their websites and web-based applications. Radware's application performance monitoring and application acceleration solutions help with a unique set of products.

Our Application Performance Monitoring tool (APM) helps proactively maintain application performance and protect SLAs with visibility by application, location or specific transaction. This application performance monitoring tool allows you to be the first person in the company to know when something is wrong, and gives insight to pinpoint the source of the problems immediately – and get them fixed fast.


FastView is a web performance optimization (WPO) solution that enables faster websites and web-based applications. It accelerates typical web page performance by up to 40%. It transforms front-end optimization (FEO) from a lengthy and complex process to an automated function performed in real time, accelerating web application response time out-of-the-box. This reduces web page display times across a site, for all types of users, by an average of 2.8 seconds.

Deploying each of our brand's websites using Radware's FastView improved the performance of our websites and reduced the average page load time by over 30%"

-Frank De Sa,
IT General Manger, Just Group

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Application Performance Monitoring

Full Application SLA Assurance

Radware's Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solutions ensure quality of service and quality of experience for your critical business applications to protect revenue, enhance end-user productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

Ensuring applications deliver the best quality of experience requires IT administrators to have maximum visibility on all application delivery chain components, throughout the life cycle of the application. Radware's multilayer approach for monitoring the application delivery infrastructure, coupled with its APM module, provide a powerful tool to guarantee continuous high application SLA throughout the entire application life cycle. Cross-ADC infrastructure historical reports on resource utilization provide a holistic view enabling better capacity planning when rolling out new applications. In addition, drilldown-able real-time dashboards, that span multiple ADCs, enable instant visibility for spotting problems and a powerful tool for fast and accurate troubleshooting.

Web Performance Optimization

Get Better Business Performance with Faster Website and Web-Based Applications

Radware's FastView web performance optimization (WPO) solution delivers faster websites and web-based applications. It transforms front end optimization (FEO) from a lengthy and complex coding process to an automated function, ensuring best application SLA while offloading server processing.

Automated and real-time acceleration of web application response time, out-of the-box

Accelerated application performance for fixed and mobile clients, without impacting quality of experience of fixed browsers

Simplified, streamlined and optimized web pages with faster load times for best quality of experience to end-users

Flexible deployment options-as a hardware appliance, software/virtual appliance, or as a cloud-based service

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