Cloud Load Balancing & Automation Solutions

Automation Is Key

Diverse IT infrastructures that combine on-premise with virtual- or cloud-based applications, DevOps, and the ability to deploy services on-demand are the new mantras of the digital transformation.

With this transformation come a series of challenges for IT organizations. This includes the ability to increase agility and scalability, minimize human errors, extend IT administrative capabilities to nontechnical users, and drive flexibility into infrastructure planning and budgeting.

Automation is crucial to building, deploying and managing applications. As a cornerstone of managing applications and their underlying infrastructure, ADCs must address the aforementioned challenges by automating the application lifecycle and optimizing application performance.

Automation and Optimization with Radware’s Secured ADC Services

For organizations with data center automation plans, Radware’s Alteon cloud load balancer delivers automation to allow IT organizations to:

Instantly spin up new ADC and WAF instances and licenses across heterogeneous environments at the push of a button

Easily configure secured ADC service, including cloud load balancing functionality and cyber protection services through simple & customized templates

Eliminate human errors while performing maintenance tasks on those services such as adjusting security policies, managing cloud load balancing pools, and validating SSL keys

Decommission ADC services as they become obsolete (and re-use ADC bandwidth when and where it’s needed next)

Out of the Box Integration with Leading Orchestration Solutions

For organizations that integrate orchestration solutions, Radware’s vDirect provides a fast and simple path to integrate secured ADC services into the SDDC environment.

Out-of-the-box integration with leading orchestration tools such as Cisco ACI, VMware NSX, OpenStack, and Ansible

Reduced training costs by using available out-of-the-box automation

Quick creation of automation workflows through the high level of abstraction provided by Radware’s solution

Streamline the Transition to the Cloud

For organizations migrating services to the cloud, Radware’s solutions add another layer of licensing automation that moves secured ADC services capacity across environments at the push of a button and at no extra cost.

Optimize costs during transition, enable transfer of ADC capacity from your physical datacenter to the cloud

Eliminate planning risks, via one global elastic license for the entire organization’s ADC needs across all private data centers and cloud

Lease hardware now to accommodate for current requirements, and seamlessly transfer its capacity to the cloud when needed

Seamlessly add secured ADC services in public clouds such as AWS and Azure using one single global elastic license

Single solution for DevOps and ITs standardization needs - through instant provisioning and licensing of ADC instances with predefined services templates

The Benefits of Radware's ADC Automation Solution

Increased Agility with ADC Services

Launch and maintain anywhere, anytime. Obtain maximum automation with minimal investment via out-of-the-box integration with infrastructure orchestration systems

Minimize Human Errors

Simple wizards that require only basic information input in clearly structured screens

Eliminate Planning Risks

Use one flexible license to purchase the exact ADC capacity required and benefit from complete agility for every aspect of ADC services consumption

Investment Protection

Transition to the cloud by seamlessly shifting capacity across different environments using Radware’s Global Elastic License