Don’t Let Data Seep Through The Cracks

Secure the Customer Experience

Create a Secure Climate For Your Business and Customers

To compete in today’s digital world, your organization relies on its networks and applications to connect with customers and enable processes. They are the lynchpin of interactions with consumers who expect responsive apps, fast performance, and protection of their data.

Keeping your organization’s corporate and customer data safe is a high-stakes endeavor in an increasingly insecure world. Transforming your network with security and high availability is vital to creating a strong customer experience.

The key is creating a secure climate for your business and customers. Embrace new technologies, be open-minded to new ideologies, and reevaluate how and when you implement cybersecurity to mitigate present day risks and to be prepared for future threats.

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Securely Transforming Your Network With High Availability Is Vital To Creating A Strong Customer Experience

Manage Risk

Sixty-six percent of technology leaders feel their organization can be breached by hackers and 98% are gravely concerned about data privacy, yet talent shortages are pushing 25% of leaders to rely on a third party for cybersecurity support.

These statistics underscore why balancing investments versus risk is critical to propelling your businesses forward. Read Balancing Cybersecurity Investments and Risks to learn why. And as the threat of network attack becomes a question of when, not if, now is the time to evaluate the risks associated with security vulnerabilities versus the cost of implementing an effective security solution that can be used to improve customer relationships and build loyalty.

Read The Million-Dollar Question of Cyber-Risk to alter how and when you implement cybersecurity.

Simplify Operations

Streamlining and simplifying IT operations is the key to increasing your organization’s agility and efficiency. With 98% of organizations leveraging a hybrid computing environment, accomplishing this is increasingly difficult.

Hybrid computing environments increase business agility by providing infrastructure elasticity, but managing them and safeguarding them can be a nightmare for technology leaders.

The key is leveraging automation where available, increase planning and budgeting agility by partnering with the right vendor, and provide full visibility into IT operations to course correct when necessary.

Support Business Growth

As organizations turn to complex technologies to improve the customer experience and streamline their organizations, each new technology adds a layer of complexity to your network. This, in turn, creates vulnerabilities.

Read Create a Secure Climate for Customers to understand why application availability and security serve as the technological foundation for supporting business growth by overcoming the aforementioned challenge. It allows the business to scale cost effectively by simplifying the deployment of new applications and services and uses automation to streamline processes, reduce errors and safeguard data.


As the world's best colocation data center provider, we want to provide our customers with the highest quality cyberattack protection available today... With Radware, we can maintain 100% business continuity for our customers even in the face of a volumetric attack.”

- Chris Donnelly
Executive Vice President of Connectivity at Switch

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