Aite-Novarica Names Radware’s Bot Manager Solution Best-In-Class

Customers are now seeking bot management and protection more than ever. But choosing the right one is no easy task with so many on the market. When advisory firm Aite-Novarica named Radware’s bot manager a leader out of the ten vendors it evaluated, your decision on which solution to use just got easier.

Aite-Novarica’s Bot Detection and Management Report

Aite-Novarica’s report states that the bot detection and management market reached US $860M in 2022 and will grow at a CAGR of 13% to US $1.2B in 2025. The report cites these as the top reasons for adoption: inventory hoarding, use of stolen digital credentials, pandemic-driven digital servicing, more advanced and lower friction bot management solutions, easier implementation, increased regulations, higher protection expectations from customers and the risk to reputation.

A Leader in the Bot Management Field

The report shows Radware as the leader among the ten vendors Aite-Novarica evaluated. Their matrix below is a graphical representation of each vendor’s product performance juxtaposed on two axes — the vertical one represents product performance and the horizontal axis is based on vendor strength. The matrix displays why Radware was named the Best-in-Class solution.

Evaluation Criteria

Results included in Aite-Novarica’s Bot Detection and Management Report were taken from surveys, interviews and solution demonstrations from each vendor. They were evaluated on four criteria:

  1. Stability – Vendors were evaluated on the strength of their client base, robust revenue streams and financial strength.
  2. Client Strength – Based on each vendors’ ability to maintain their existing customer base while attracting new ones.
  3. Client Service – Vendors were evaluated on their customers’ satisfaction levels and their ability to become strategic partners and collaborate with customers on near- and long-term technology adoption.
  4. Product Features – Each was evaluated on the testing, validation and deployment of their bot manager solution. In addition, an essential component evaluated on bot managers was their ability to successfully challenge suspected malicious bots with techniques that cause minimal friction.

In all four categories, Radware was among the highest-scoring vendors.

Sophistication and Range of Deployment Options Are Just Two of the Many Reasons Radware named Best-in-Class

According to Aite-Novarica, Radware was recognized for having “an impressive threat intelligence capability and providing many free bad bot detection tools.” Also, “The [Radware] solution’s sophistication and wide range of deployment options have made it a popular option across e-commerce, travel and transportation, and retail and wholesale trade.” In addition, the report states that “The largest global financial institutions, brokerage firms, and financial services companies use Radware’s Bot Manager.”

Behavioral Modeling and Machine Learning (ML) Are Keys to Radware Bot Manager

The Radware Bot Manager combines behavioral modeling, collective bot intelligence and device fingerprinting to protect web applications, mobile apps and APIs from automated threats. These threats include, but aren’t limited to, ATOs, payment fraud and web scraping. The Radware Bot Manager’s semi-supervised ML approach reduces false positives and false negatives. It helps provide superior levels of accuracy in detecting bots with human-like interaction capabilities. Its sophistication and wide range of deployment options have made it a popular option across a wide range of industries, including e-commerce, travel and transportation, and retail and wholesale trade.

For more information about the report, you can download it here: The Aite Matrix: Leading Bot Detection and Management Providers report.

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About Aite-Novarica Group: 
Aite-Novarica Group is an advisory firm providing mission-critical insights on technology, regulations, strategy, and operations to hundreds of banks, insurers, payments providers, and investment firms—as well as the technology and service providers that support them.

Ward Wrzenski

Ward Wrzenski is a marketing professional with more than 20 years of experience as a successful industry analyst and influencer relations professional at market leading companies such as Radware, Tata Consultancy Services, Cisco, Oracle, Macromedia and Gartner (formerly AMR Research). Ward is passionate about understanding the motivations and objectives of industry influencers and their impact on purchase decisions through consulting, social media, reports, collaborative marketing, blogs, events and advisory. Ward has completed MIT Sloan School of Management Executive Education and holds a BSBA and MBA from Northeastern University.

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