Are the Citrix Layoffs Impacting Your Application Security, Scalability and Disaster Recovery?

Citrix, a 34-year-old cloud computing company based in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, has recently gone through a significant upheaval that has left many of its customers and employees concerned about the company’s future. A large group of Wall Street’s leading financial institutions, including Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse and Bank of America, lost a reported $1.3 billion after they were forced to sell off — at large discounts — the remnants of the year-old deal to sell Citrix to two private equity firms. Elliot Investment Management and Vista Equity Partners took Citrix private for $16.5 billion. It proved to be the icing on the bad news cake. Prior to this, there were two major rounds of layoffs. A third round of layoffs occurred on January 10, 2023. It affected approximately 2,200 employees from their Cloud Services Group, which includes Netscaler.

What Now?

Moving forward, Citrix and TIBCO Software, the company with which Citrix merged, will focus on their top 1,000 enterprise accounts. This leaves their mid-tier and commercial accounts to be supported and serviced by channel and solution providers. This realignment has led to significant disruptions in product development and staff morale. In addition, NetScaler is being branded separately — possibly in preparation for a spin-off — which has raised concerns among customers and partners. Citrix and NetScaler are also raising prices across the board. There are additional concerns that the large-scale layoffs will have an impact on security products and increase prices further.

Not surprisingly, the Citrix layoffs have negatively impacted the morale of the remaining employees. What followed was additional turnover; many remaining staff members are looking for other opportunities and won’t be around for long. The great resignation has left them with many potential employment opportunities. In addition, the disruptions caused by the layoffs and product realignment are likely to have a significant impact on NetScaler customers. Reduced support and maintenance, delays in product development and increased costs are just some of the potential negative effects that will directly affect  NetScaler customers.

Impacts of Citrix Layoffs Go Far and Wide

For NetScaler partners, the impacts of the layoffs are also significant. The loss of experienced personnel responsible for supporting channel partners will assuredly affect their ability to sell NetScaler products. And the channel partners will also negatively experience the loss of expertise and technical support. Many of the larger enterprise accounts will now be handled directly by Citrix/NetScaler/TIBCO, which will impact channel and service providers currently supporting these accounts.

Thankfully, There Are Other — Even Better — Solutions 

Citrix and NetScaler customers looking for alternative solutions have the perfect opportunity to discover the advantages of Radware’s Alteon, Alteon+WAAP and Cloud WAAP offerings. Here’s why the opportunity is so fortuitous — Radware is a leading provider of network and application delivery and security solutions.

Radware Alteon is the industry-leading load balancer and application delivery controller (ADC). It delivers functionality that is similar to the NetScaler ADC. Alteon provides advanced features for load balancing, application security and application optimization. It is designed to help organizations ensure high availability and optimal performance for their applications and networks. In most instances, Alteon seamlessly and perfectly replaces NetScaler.

Here’s what Radware Alteon customers enjoy:

  1. Load Balancing: Alteon offers advanced traffic management features for local, global and link load balancing. This makes it a great replacement for NetScaler in most application delivery cases.
  2. Application Performance: Alteon provides applications with high performance and low latency, using advanced caching and compression and making it a great choice for organizations with large amounts of traffic.
  3. Security: Alteon delivers a wide range of security capabilities, such as:
    • SSL offloading,
    • Inbound and Outbound SSL Inspection,
    • Web application and API protection (WAF/WAAP),
    • Application DDoS protection, and
    • Integration with bot protection solution in the cloud.
    • And for organizations rolling out zero trust architecture (ZTA) as part of implementing secure service edge (SSE), Radware has a very unique architecture called SecurePath that complements and enhances the zero-trust approach. 
  4. Application Analytics: Alteon provides deep analytics that delivers quick analysis and root cause resolutions for thousands of application and security events.
  5. Scalability: Alteon can be deployed in a variety of configurations, including on-premise, private and public cloud, and hybrid environments, making it perfect for organizations of all sizes and regardless of industry.

Citrix Issues Don’t Have to Negatively Affect Your Organization

Yes, the recent layoffs and realignment at Citrix have caused significant disruptions and concerns among customers and partners, particularly those associated with NetScaler. Just remember, you have a great option and you’re only a single step from accessing it. Reach out here to the cybersecurity professionals at Radware. They’d be happy to discuss how Radware Alteon is a proven alternative to Citrix NetScaler. With it, you’ll enjoy advanced features and much-needed scalability.

If you’ll be attending the RSA Conference in San Francisco on April 24-27, make sure and stop by the Radware booth (#2139). Meet with our team of experts and take your cybersecurity to the next level. Better yet, you can set up an appointment with them here.

Prakash Sinha

Prakash Sinha is a technology executive and evangelist for Radware and brings over 29 years of experience in strategy, product management, product marketing and engineering. Prakash has been a part of executive teams of four software and network infrastructure startups, all of which were acquired. Before Radware, Prakash led product management for Citrix NetScaler and was instrumental in introducing multi-tenant and virtualized NetScaler product lines to market. Prior to Citrix, Prakash held leadership positions in architecture, engineering, and product management at leading technology companies such as Cisco, Informatica, and Tandem Computers. Prakash holds a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from BIT, Mesra and an MBA from Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

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