Radware Adds a New Weapon to its DDoS-Fighting Arsenal

In case you haven’t heard, DDoS isn’t going away anytime soon. Need proof? In 2022, DDoS attacks rose by over 100% to approximately 20 million attacks. And they’re getting more sophisticated, to boot. DDoS attacks can come in the form of protocol, volumetric, application layer attacks, or a combination of them all. Attack vectors are opening up like never before. And the attacks aren’t the only thing increasing. So, too, are the consequences. It’s estimated that, on average, a DDoS attack can cost a business as much as $35,000 per hour.

In 2022, Radware saw DDoS attacks grow by over 200% and the number of blocked events per customer nearly doubled each quarter. The precipitous growth in DDoS attacks is frightening.

Introducing DefensePro X

In a world where threats grow exponentially in volume and sophistication, Radware did what we always do — stay ahead of threat actors. For this reason, we developed DefensePro X, which takes our DefensePro platform to the next level. It features five new hardware platforms and one virtual one. DefensePro X combines state-of-the-art protection, industry-leading performance and enriched usability and visibility capabilities. That all adds up to the most comprehensive premise-based DDoS protection solution in the industry.

The DefensePro X platform is built from the latest software and hardware technologies available. That means customers will enjoy the best protection against current threats and future ones heading their way. The updated platforms are available with 25 to 800G interfaces, high port density, modular platforms, TLS acceleration hardware and, available for select platforms, internal optical bypass.

When DefensePro X is Combined with the New Cyber Controller

Radware’s new Cyber Controller takes DefensePro X to another level. From a single location, Cyber Controller provides traffic visibility, robust analytics and advanced security operations.

Also, Cyber Controller offers flexible deployment options with accelerated levels of orchestration, automation and visibility for specific needs and constraints. And it reduces operational overhead and costs.

Features to Elevate Your DDoS Mitigation Game

DefensePro X protects organizations against network attacks, including DDoS, multi-vector, IoT botnets, malware, application vulnerability exploitation and other types of cyber-attacks. And DefensePro X’s proven behavioral-based technology protects against modern, sophisticated attack tools.

With DefensePro X, customers enjoy a feature set that’s unparalleled in the industry, including:

Industry Leading Performance via dedicated, FPGA-based hardware acceleration. It delivers effective DDoS mitigation and massive, scalable attack flood prevention. It does this without compromising the user experience (UX), even when under attack.

Attack mitigation at scale offers a wide range of protections, up to 800Gbps. Flexible network connectivity accommodates an array of environments and networks. Options include 25G, 400G and high-density 100G ports.

State-of-the-Art protection leveraging ML-based algorithms to provide automated protection from the most advanced attacks, including encrypted, burst, carpet bombing and IoT botnet attacks. Automation means no manual intervention necessary!

Behavioral-based algorithms greatly limit false positives and advanced, built-in protection mitigates application layer (Layer 7) DDoS attacks in real time.

Rich UX and visibility are delivered via robust analytics and advanced SecOps. Along with detailed attack-time analytics, peacetime analytics are provided, so you can learn when time isn’t of the essence. Get traffic trends that expose the state of your network over a customizable timeframe.

A new SecOps design allows administrators to easily navigate between dashboards to view detection events, apply policies or refine configurations. It results in better, more comprehensive attack mitigation, all from the same window.  

Simplified management and configuration provide IT administrators with an innovative policy editor that supports new and enhanced protections, including HTTPS protection, SYN protection, signature protection, PPS limit, traffic filters, BDoS, OOS, and more. 

Unified management and control across all deployments deliver a seamless experience for inline DDoS and out-of-path protection, high availability and control, faster mitigation and advanced router health monitoring.

The Best Protection Against the Most Advanced Threats

Whether a premise- or cloud-based DDoS protection solution is needed is ancillary to the need for the best protection possible for an organization’s particular needs and architecture. If there’s a need for the former, there isn’t a better solution than Radware’s DefensePro X. It’s state-of-the-art protection, simplified management and enhanced user experience from an industry leader. For more information about DefensePro X, contact the talented, tenured security professionals at Radware. They have been protecting organizations from DDoS attacks for over 20 years. They would love to hear from you.

Eva Abergel

Eva is a Product Marketing Manager in Radware’s network security group. Her domain of expertise is data center protection, where she leads positioning, messaging and product launches. Prior to joining Radware, Eva led a Product Marketing and Sales Enablement team at Elmo Motion Control - a global robotics company - and worked as an engineer at Intel. Eva holds a B.Sc. degree in Mechatronics Engineering from Ariel University and an Entrepreneurship Development certificate from the York Entrepreneurship Development Institute of Canada.

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