The “Easy Button” for Cyber-Attack Mitigation: Introducing Radware’s Attack Mitigation Service

Advancements are continually being made to defend organizations from cyber-attacks. I wanted to take some time to share some powerful reminders of how diligence in approach is needed.

Organizations that used to rely on their service provider’s DDoS protection service (in-the-cloud) found that the attacks that hit their business could and would bypass the provider’s protection layer.  This is because DDoS is a tactic, not the overall problem.  Attacks borne from the Internet are the problem and solutions designed to handle a simple tactic, wind up falling short.

What was realized by many organizations was that they needed to deploy premise-based technologies for comprehensive attack detection and mitigation.  In fact, our security researchers have seen that businesses which deploy on premise protection, in conjunction with DDoS protection from their service provider, are better able to survive and maintain their business operations, in spite of large scale, large volume, multi-vulnerability attack campaigns.  When deployed on both sides (on premise and through the service provider), businesses achieve the best protection when properly managed and maintained.

Over the past few months, here at Radware we have been deploying with wide acceptance a new concept in cyber-attack mitigation, simply called the Attack Mitigation Service.  Radware Attack Mitigation Service delivers the following solution benefits:

It is easy to deploy and maintain (fully outsourced).

It is comprehensive technology.

  • Attack Mitigation Service is the only solution that can truly protect against all type of DDoS attacks including volumetric DDoS flood attacks, application flood attacks, SSL based attacks, and low & slow DoS attacks.
  • End-to-end deployment of Attack Mitigation Service is the best solution to fight the DDoS threat at all layers, mitigating all attack vectors in seconds.
  • When deployed on-premises, the online business has full control of its security solution and can be assisted by the Radware Emergency Response Team (ERT) when attack mitigation expertise is required.

There are easy procurement options. 

  • Attack Mitigation Service offers the lowest cost OpEx and CapEx solution to fight cyber-attacks and can be delivered either in a low monthly charge or on an annual basis.

Superior panoramic visibility leads to world class compliance and reporting. 

  • Let Radware do the hard work in demonstrating compliance and cyber-attack effectiveness and leave your IT security and management to focus on more business-oriented activities

There have been some reoccurring issues when handling and deploying hybrid solutions.  There is complexity in managing the technology and the various vendors and many businesses report that they struggle to provide comprehensive and integrated reports.  Sticker shock is also an issue because there is usually little, if any, pricing flexibility.

Attack Mitigation Service is designed to address these issues in one simple, easy to procure solution which is both comprehensive and fully managed by the technology vendor (e.g. outsourced).  Recently, I received the following accolade from a customer who launched our new Attack Mitigation Service. 

“Radware provides us with a worry-free, fully-managed, hybrid solution with the widest protection coverage and flexible payment options. Supported by their industry leading Emergency Response Team, the combination of these benefits gives us a piece of mind that our network is well protected from today’s known and unknown attacks.”

Tarun Samtani is an information security specialist for, and like so many, his company was facing DDoS attacks on a weekly basis and he realized the prevalence and finality of such attacks.  Whether for regulatory, client or operational reasons, no online business or organization in today’s business climate can ignore the omnipresence of cyber-attacks and the challenges associated with fighting them.  Attackers are getting sophisticated and can launch complex attack campaigns which can complicate detection and mitigation algorithms.  This also can create the unending need for talent and staffing.

We are happy to report that acceptance of this new solution has been broad, including many geographical regions in APAC, EMEA & the Americas.  The adoption has also been pervasive and we have reached diverse industries such as transportation and logistics, finance (in nearly all micro-segments), gaming, global and local retailers, technology providers and managers, and healthcare organizations.

As this service continues to grow we look forward to discussing how you too may enjoy the benefits of this world-class technology combined with the wisest and most crafty cyber-warriors/defenders in the world!

Carl Herberger

Carl is an IT security expert and responsible for Radware’s global security practice. With over a decade of experience, he began his career working at the Pentagon evaluating computer security events affecting daily Air Force operations. Carl also managed critical operational intelligence for computer network attack programs to aid the National Security Council and Secretary of the Air Force with policy and budgetary defense. Carl writes about network security strategy, trends, and implementation.

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