Customer Feedback Counts!

Complex systems bundle various capabilities to manage several problems. One of the main challenges customers face while managing cyber security threats is using several different security solutions — all with various security tools — to protect against different attack vectors across diverse environments. Because of that there is a strong need to hear customers’ feedback when using these various systems to ensure a simple and the very best user experience (UX). At Radware, we think customer feedback is critically important, and we want to hear their voice. That is why collaborating closely with our customers is one of our top priorities. Recently, the feedback we received from customers was loud and clear — they wanted to be able to manage all solutions and tools in one unified place without hopping from one solution, or tool, to another. To deal with this challenge, we unified all solutions to make them manageable from a single platform. The result is Radware’s new cloud services portal.

The guiding principles for a successful customer experience are complex and involve several elements — providing solutions to address needs/problems, using innovative technology, making product usage easier and allowing customers to provide online feedback while using the product.

These elements create significant value for both our customers and Radware. For customers, they benefit from their involvement and participation in improving and refining the product they use. We enjoy customer engagement, which enables us to learn about their precise needs. From this, the user experience is greatly improved and more effective.

The New Feedback System

Radware invests significant time and effort to constantly improve the customer experience. A key way to achieve this is by consistently rethinking our feedback mechanism, including its importance and appearance, even its positioning on the screen.

In short, getting feedback from customers is, and always has been, critical to Radware’s success as an industry-leading cyber security and application delivery solutions provider. So, it is important how our customers can send their feedback. Again, it is about the user experience. For example, we changed the location and appearance of our feedback mechanism, including the form’s simplicity. Doing so helped encourage customer feedback.

The feedback system is now located at the top left of the screen within Radware’s cloud services portal. It was redesigned and adapted to support the new design of the services portal. When clicking on it, an unobtrusive pop-up appears and allows customers to easily select from a list of feedback-related topics. And because it remains on the same page, customers do not have to navigate back to the cloud services portal after submitting feedback.

The Importance of Our Feedback System

While collecting feedback from customers about using one of our products, it is important for us to understand that this needs to be an ongoing, cyclical process. Radware’s feedback system is comprised of 3 stages:

  1. Collection
  2. Analysis
  3. Action(s) taken to improve the product and user experience

To make products valuable to our customers and successful for Radware, it’s critically important to get customer feedback to help improve the user experience for each of our products. Listening to their opinions, desires and needs is necessary for building relationships and fostering loyalty.

In fact, the feedback system is a communication tool that allows Radware to hear everything that is on our customers’ minds while they use the product. It allows us to give them a space to express their needs related to a product, like what may bother them about it and how they experience and use it.

Engaging With Our Customers

The importance of creating a connection with customers through our feedback system is significant for the following reasons:

  1. It builds relationships and fosters loyalty.
  2. It gauges how satisfied customers are with Radware’s products, including the user experience.
  3. It provides continuous improvements related to the user experience.
  4. It creates added value that our customers want and need.

Customer feedback improves the user experience by providing key feedback to Radware’s product team. From the feedback, we can determine if a feature is relevant, whether it works well and is easy to use. When the parameters are met, value is created for our customers. It is one of the best ways to ensure they will continue using Radware’s products and recommend them to others. Due to growing and constantly evolving cyber-attacks and increased competition in the marketplace, we must react quickly to changes and market trends by developing technology accordingly, and fast. Therefore, it is critical for us to cultivate and tighten our customer relationships to, in part, receive continuous and real-time feedback.


Radware constantly invests time and effort to improve our ability to obtain valuable feedback from customers. It’s especially critical in cyber security. It’s an ever-evolving field that must quickly pivot to successfully defend against ongoing threats and identify vulnerabilities, enhance product effectiveness, adopt a customer-centric approach and enable early detection and respond to security incidents while managing a complex system through one, unified platform. Our customers’ voices count. We look forward to receiving your feedback. And if you’d like to speak with a Radware cybersecurity professional, you can contact them here. They would love to hear from you.

To learn why Radware was named a leader in DDoS mitigation by SPARK Matrix, you can read the complete analyst report HERE.

Liora Breitman

Liora Breitman leads Radware’s Cloud Services product design team. With over 12 years of professional experience in the design field, her team provides Radware customers with a solid, simple and innovative ease-of-use experience. Liora demonstrates strong leadership qualities by consistently staying updated on the latest design trends and emerging technologies in the cybersecurity domain. She is skilled at translating complex security concepts into user-friendly designs, which greatly contributes to the overall success of Radware's cloud products and the user experience for customers.

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