Application Security

Cyberattack and cybersecurity terms related to application security

3 Types of WAF: Cloud, Hardware and Software

A web application firewall is a type of firewall designated to protect web applications. It continuously inspects HTTP traffic to detect and block malicious traffic and web application attacks.

API Attack

An API attack can result in mass data losses, stolen private information and service disruption

API Discovery

API Discovery is the process of finding and creating an inventory of the APIs and API endpoints in your environment, as well as understanding what are allowed values types, ranges etc., and who is allowed to access this API.

Application Security / AppSec

Application Security, otherwise known as AppSec, is the process of making apps more secure by finding, fixing and enhancing the security of apps.

Application Security Testing (AST)

Application Security Testing (AST) is a crucial component of IT security, focusing on identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities and weaknesses within software applications.

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