Bot Management

Terms related to bot management and automated threats and cyberattacks

What Is API Abuse?

API Abuse happens when APIs are targeted to take over accounts, scrape business-critical data, and perform DDoS attacks.

What Is Bot Management?

Bot Management covers the entire spectrum of bots. Good bots are allowed at times to promote a better UX and permit necessary organizational activities.

What Is Bot Mitigation?

Bot Mitigation means analyzing and detecting potential threats posed by malicious automated traffic so as to resist attacks and prevent them from occurring.


Honeypots are used to actively analyze, strengthen, and prevent further attacks on any IT systems that were vulnerable to the attacker’s techniques.

Semi-Supervised Learning

For effective bot detection, semi-supervised learning is applied which works at a higher level of abstraction to discern a visitor’s intent.

What Are Human-Like Bots?

Human-like gen 3 and gen 4 bots mimic human behavior such as mouse movements, keyboard strokes, & clicking to overcome the security defenses of an application.

Client-Side URL Redirection

URL redirection vulnerability is an input validation flaw that is generally discouraged in modern website development because malware or hackers.

Client-Side Cookie Tampering

Cookie tampering is a method of tampering with the information stored on a user’s web browser and manipulating it to be used in malicious ways.

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