Bot Management

Terms related to bot management and automated threats and cyberattacks


CAPTCHAs protect a website by generating tests or puzzles that human can pass, but bots can’t.

What Is Device Fingerprinting?

Device fingerprinting is the analysis of browser, device, software, and connection attributes in order to generate a risk profile of a device in real-time.

What Is Behavioral Analysis?

Behavioral Analysis helps in identifying anomalies and deviations based on historical data, allowing bot activities to be accurately identified.

Antibot Solution

Antibot solution follows a real-time approach when it comes to blocking bots. It uses robust algorithms to detect, analyze and categorize bot patterns and signatures.

How To Stop Or Block Bots On Website?

6 Ways to Stop Bot Traffic on Website are CAPTCHA Method, Using Hidden Fields, Log Files, Honeypots, In-house Bot Prevention & Automated Bot Prevention Solutions.

Bot Detection

Bot detection is the process of analyzing all the traffic to a website, mobile app, or API, in order to detect and block malicious bots while allowing access to legitimate visitors and bots.

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