NoName057(16): Pro-Russian Hacktivist Group


NoName057(16) is a pro-Russian hacker group that is known for its cyberattacks on Ukrainian, American, and European websites of government agencies, media, and private companies. It is regarded as an unorganized and free pro-Russian activist group seeking to attract attention in Western countries.

What is Noname057(16)?

NoName057(16) is a pro-Russian hacker group that first declared itself in March 2022, and has carried out cyberattacks on Ukrainian, American, and European websites belonging to government agencies, media, and private companies.

The first attacks claimed by the group in March 2022 were DDoS attacks targeting Ukraine news and media websites Zaxid, Fakty UA, and others. Overall, the motivations center around silencing what the group deems to be anti-Russian.

NoName057(16) operates using Telegram channels where they claim responsibility for their attacks, mock targets, make threats, and share educational content. They have used GitHub to host their DDoS tool website and associated repositories. The group has developed a DDoS tool named DDOSIA, which conducts denial-of-service attacks by repeatedly issuing network requests to target sites.

In the global context of hacking collectives, there are numerous groups with varying objectives and methods. NoName057(16) seems to be a relatively new entrant in this landscape with a specific focus on Ukrainian digital infrastructure.

The group's rise to prominence can be traced back to their early operations. One of their most notable early operations was a series of cyberattacks launched on government websites on the eve of the 2023 G20 Summit in India. The group participated with other hacktivist groups to carry out approximately 2,450 targeted cyberattacks under “#OpIndia”, over half of which were DDoS attacks. They targeted various sectors including the government’s digital infrastructure, non-profit organizations’ websites, the finance and banking sector, as well as energy and oil industry websites.

Their operations have continued to evolve over time. For instance, they have targeted several Indian businesses and claimed data leaks. Their targets have included several Indian educational institutes, telecommunications companies, manufacturing companies, and national archives.

NoName057(16) has evolved from its origins as a relatively unknown entity to a prominent hacking collective through a series of high-profile cyberattacks. Their operations have grown in scale and sophistication over time, marking them as a significant player in the global landscape of hacking collectives.

Known DDOS attacks Attributed to Noname057(16)

Some of the most notorious and impactful attacks attributed to NoName057(16) are:

Ukrainian Government and Utility Websites:
After targeting news servers, they expanded their targets to include Ukrainian government, utility, armament, transportation, and postal websites. These attacks began to become more political in mid-June.

Ukrainian News Servers:
In early June 2022, NoName057(16) targeted Ukrainian news servers. This was one of their first attacks and marked the beginning of their operations.

Danish Financial Sector:
In Denmark, NoName057(16) disrupted services across the financial sector. Several Danish banks, including Jyske Bank and Sydbank, were crippled by a distributed denial of service attack.

2023 Czech Presidential Candidates:
In January 2023, NoName057(16) began to target the websites of 2023 Czech presidential candidates. This marked a shift in their operations as they started targeting political figures.

Canadian Government Websites:
On September 13, 2023, the NoName057(16) group launched a DDoS attack on many Canadian and Quebec government websites. This was one of their most recent and impactful attacks.

These attacks have caused significant disruption to crucial government infrastructure and businesses, impacting the average citizen's ability to interact with these entities. The group's operations have grown in scale and sophistication over time, marking them as a significant player in the global landscape of hacking collectives.

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