NoName057(16) is a pro-Russian threat group known for launching defacement and DDoS attacks against Ukraine and those that directly or indirectly support Ukraine. The hacktivist group formed in March of 2022 on Telegram and became a notable threat group. While less media savvy than Killnet, it is considered one of the most active groups and the most prominent threat to western organizations. The group operates solitary and explicitly noted that they don't want to be associated with their fellow pro-Russian hacktivist group Killnet or its affiliates. After an article published on by Maria Nefyodova, a respected Russian journalist, NoName057(16) reacted in a Telegram message, noting "[We] operate independently and have nothing to do with the KillNet hack group. We choose our own targets for DDOS attacks," demanding to edit the publication or it might turn ugly.

In July 2022, the group quietly launched a crowdsourced botnet project named ”DDOSIA.“ The project, similar to the pro-Ukrainian Liberator by disBalancer and the fully automated DDoS bot project by the IT ARMY of Ukraine, leverages politically-driven hacktivists willing to download and install a bot on their computers to launch denial-of-service attacks. Project DDOSIA, however, raises the stakes by providing financial incentives for the top contributors to successful denial-of-service attacks. By February 2023, the number of active members with the DDOSIA bot installed was estimated to be about 1,500.

The DDOSIA project allows the group to continuously attack government and private organization websites, mainly targeting western nations that support Ukraine during the ongoing invasion of Russia.

See also:
Project DDOSIA Russia's answer to disBalancer

Telegram: hxxps://

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