ServerCentral Announces Updated DDoS Mitigation Solutions Using Radware Technology

ServerCentral has teamed up with application security provider Radware to announce the next generation of its Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Mitigation Solutions. The offerings are part of ServerCentral's broad portfolio of IT solutions, which are delivered as managed or collocated services, on premises or in the cloud.

The DDoS Mitigation solutions provide always-on, inline coverage against network, server and application level attacks. By incorporating Radware’s technology with their own managed offerings, Server Central is able to offer high levels of protection covering multiple processes and technologies, without ever routing traffic off the customer’s network.

“Adding the Radware portfolio to our existing toolset allows us to bring unparalleled protection and mitigation solutions to our customers, including real-time mitigation and advanced protection against application-layer threats,” said Ron Winward, director of network engineering for ServerCentral.

Features include protection against large-volume network flood and intrusion attacks as well as server attacks like SYN flood and sockstress. The offerings also protect against application vulnerabilities and malware along with web attacks like SQL injection. At the secure socket layer (SSL), DDoS Mitigation Solutions address attacks that target SSL handshake transactions, decrypting them for real-time traffic inspection.

All harmful activity is reported to the ServerCentral Network Operations Center (NOC), which alerts customer to the attack type, source, protocol and duration, and also uses that data to route traffic appropriately and maintain business continuity during an event. Updates are provided automatically via a central database, and unusual traffic is measured against industry recognized risk profiles as well as customers’ unique server traffic patterns. When suspicious activity is detected, it is discarded before service interruptions can occur.

"ServerCentral has a reputation of integrity and quality in the industry," said Bill Lowry, director of cloud services at Radware. "Their technical acumen and attention to detail in researching, testing, and architecting these new offerings is evidence of the hard work and dedication they put into providing a quality solution.” 

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