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Enterprises misaligning security budget, priorities

Some companies continue to spend on older technology, leaving gaping holes in their network.

Application layer security puts up another obstacle for hackers

Hackers will exploit any entrance to enterprise data they can find. Make sure to erect more than just a network-level fence to ensure nobody crashes the data party.

The right DevOps strategy is the only path to success

The DevOps methodology may be gaining acceptance, but not every adopter finds success. Some tips from previous adopters can help newcomers make DevOps work.

Hybrid Cloud: The Dangers of Mixing Public and Private Clouds

IT professionals have been claiming that the future of IT architecture is the hybrid cloud. While it offers significant benefits, there are also significant challenges to overcome when building and supporting hybrid cloud infrastructures – the combination of public and private cloud application delivery environments.

Report: Higher ed still woefully unprepared against cyber attacks

Report indicates that of all sectors, education is the most at-risk when it comes to the ability to defend against cyber attacks of all kinds.

Would killing Bitcoin end ransomware?

Bitcoin and ransomware seem to go hand-in-hand, but experts explain that doing away with the cybercurrency would just force cybercriminals to find another anonymous way to extort money.

Cybersecurity Incident Response Planning: Expert Tips, Steps, Testing & More

Awareness is growing that all companies, including both enterprises and small- to mid-size organizations, need a cybersecurity incident response plan. No organization, regardless of size, is exempt from cybersecurity threats, and having an established plan of action that immediately executes following a security breach is crucial to limit incident costs and damages to the company's reputation.

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