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Streamlining Cybersecurity Could Entail More Vulnerabilities

There is a constant drive in the cybersecurity community to enhance security while streamlining efficiency and increasing productivity. To accomplish these objectives, some organizations turn to Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) type programs, leaving them vulnerable to data breaches.

NFV Essentials Week in Review: ECI, KEMP, Reliance Jio

Application delivery controllers have become an important product category in networking. Indeed, mentions of ADCs have arisen again and again in our recent coverage.

Ransomware Could Become Mainstream, More Destructive to Businesses

Ransomware is emerging as the go-to tool that cyber criminals are arming themselves with by encrypting files and holding the encryption key hostage until a ransom is paid.

Magic Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers, 2016

We just published the 2016 Magic Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers (ADC), a market which many folks still refer to as load-balancers. We evaluate 11 vendors that meet inclusion criteria including A10, Amazon Web Services, Barracuda, Brocade, Citrix, F5, KEMP, Microsoft, NGINX Inc., Radware, and Sangfor.

High-tech ways kids find to cheat

Carl Herberger, Radware head of security, discusses how a growing number of students are using high-tech tactics to scam their teachers.

Students Can Use the Dark Web to Cheat Their Way Through School

When I was in school, to get out of a test, I'd feign a fever by holding a thermometer up to a lightbulb. Today, students are hiring hackers on the darknet to attack their school servers with a Distributed Denial of Service. Kids these days.

Software-Defined Everything: The Fruit Salad of Networks

We are in the midst of an IT evolution. Both IT organizations and vendors are implementing software-based solutions to replace their legacy hardware technologies. Software can adjust to changing network designs and conditions more easily and quickly compared to proprietary hardware-based solutions. Software-defined everything, or SDx, is becoming the model for next-generation network architectures and shifting networks toward flexibility and agility.

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