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Radware joins Chillisoft’s expanding portfolio

Radware is the latest vendor to join Chillisoft as it continues to fill out its portfolio with complementary, best of breed cybersecurity solutions. 

Malware scum want to build a Linux botnet using Mirai

Hadoop YARN is the attack vector, so lock it away. Diligent hackers have decided routers and cameras aren't enough, and have reportedly crafted Mirai variants targeting Linux servers.

Expect more long lines to vote until aging machines are replaced, say experts

While the midterm elections appear to have avoided any major problems with foreign interference, voters and poll monitoring groups across the country reported hours-long lines, unexpected delays in opening polling places, and technical issues with voting machines.

100,000 home routers recruited to spread Brazilian hacking scam

A DNSchanger-like attack first spotted in August on D-Link routers in Brazil has expanded to affect more than 70 different devices and more than 100,000 individual piece of kit.

How To Avoid ATM Fraud When You Travel

Travel inherently includes some security risks, because part of security is knowing how things are supposed to work, so you can recognise what's sketchy. Go to a new city and you might fall for a taxi scam, get pick-pocketed — or get your money stolen by an ATM skimmer. We talked to Daniel Smith, security researcher at cloud security company Radware, about how to avoid sketchy ATMs when you travel.

How To Survive A Facebook Hack

Here we go again. Radware's threat research group recently announced that more than 40,000 Facebook users were duped into downloading a "Relieve Stress Paint" application, via a crafty phishing email, that stole their login credentials and browser cookies while they pretend-painted in the app. Worse, the attack was clever enough to avoid being flagged by a typical antivirus app.

How GDPR Will Impact the AI Industry

In what can be described as a kind of arms race, tech companies have been amassing large volumes of user data to hone the artificial intelligence algorithms that power their applications and platforms. Thus far, they've mostly been able to evade accountability when their practices have pushed them into legally and ethically gray areas.

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