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Protection Against Cloud Threats and Attacks

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Migrating to the cloud means having to protect assets across multiple physical, private cloud, and public cloud environments. While public cloud providers provide vast arrays of services to get you started, they lack the more advanced features required by enterprises for protection of multiple environments.

Cloud-Based Protection of Applications and Services, Enabling Cloud Migration

Radware extends and expands the Amazon Web Service (AWS) native security capabilities to provide enterprise-grade, uniform protection for any asset, anywhere, with centralized security policies, management and reporting. Radware’s Cloud WAF , Bot Manager, Cloud Workload Protection  and Kubernetes WAF solutions offer extensive security capabilities based on behavioral analytics and advanced machine learning algorithms, enabling full protection of every asset and assisting organizations as they go through the process of cloud migration.

Cloud Workload Protection (CWP)

Radware's Cloud Workload Protection Service delivers a comprehensive view of your cloud security posture and provides misconfiguration detection, compliance assurance and malicious activity alerts. CWP reduces the attack surface by identifying excessive permissions via a unique approach which measures the gaps between defined and used permissions. It also detects cloud-native threats and provides automatic, real-time response. CWP uses machine-learning algorithms to identify suspicious behavior indicative of data theft attempts and correlates individual events into combined flowlines that display attack progression to stop attacks before they result in a breach.


Single pane of glass, inventory exploration, forensics, context


Fast and accurate mitigation, contextual information, Jira/Slack integration context


Advanced AI, attack sequence, prioritized alerts, contextual information


Smart hardening, public exposure, misconfiguration, compliance assurance


Service Flow Architecture

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