Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Reliable access to data and applications within an organization's data centers is important to sustaining the business processes of any organization. In the event of Internet connectivity disruptions, a network infrastructure requires near-immediate service recovery of business-critical applications and information. Organizations that address the need for business continuity and disaster recovery will have the benefit of being prepared if such occurrences happen by providing data centers with redundant paths and immediate fail-over. This will ensure customers, partners and mobile workers with the access to applications that they require to perform their jobs effectively.

Global Access to Business Applications

With the global nature of today's connected business world, having the appropriate backup systems in the case of server failures is important. Business continuity and disaster recovery planning can help an organization take proactive measures to prevent down-time and provide resiliency within a company's underlying network infrastructure. For continued inbound and outbound access to data and applications, companies need a business continuity and disaster recovery solution that ensures no lost transactions and delivers the fastest application response times possible.

Organizations that use the Internet and IP-based wide area networks (WANs) to enable web-based applications for businesses transactions need to preserve a high-level of IT infrastructure. Keeping that network infrastructure up and running is a key component in business continuity and disaster recovery planning. When disasters or Internet connectivity disruptions occur, businesses need to be positive that their network will stay operational, whether in fail-over mode or on the main system. Optimized access to an organization's globally distributed applications and information is critical to maximizing its business productivity and IT infrastructure ROI.

Global Access to Business Applications

If you're looking for a business continuity and disaster recovery solution for your application network, Radware can provide the products and services you need to maintain a healthy, underlying infrastructure. With our AppDirector application delivery platform we can help your company ensure business-critical application access across multiple data centers through unique global re-direction techniques. With our LinkProof family of products we can help ensure cost-effective WAN optimization for your remote or branch users through multi-homing methods. Radware's patented business continuity and disaster recovery solutions include these essential features:

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