Application Protection

Integrated WAF, Bot Management and API Protection For Any Environment

Cybersecurity Solutions for Application Protection

Web application protection that automatically adapts to application changes and evolving threats for applications and microservices hosted on-premise or in the cloud.

From sophisticated e-commerce engines to cloud-based productivity solutions and personal tools on mobile phones, applications are how things get done. In the information age, applications exchanging, processing and analyzing data quickly are critical to staying ahead, but not enough. Customers require sophisticated security in an age of digital transactions.

Radware’s application security offers simplicity and comprehensive protection across every step of the security process to ensure the end user experience”

– Director, Cybersecurity Solution Architecture
International Hospitality Company

Understand the State of Web Application and API Protection

Examine how organizations' view application and API security awareness, best practices and strategies and how different roles within a company view, and manage, app security.

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Protect Digital Assets & Sensitive Data

Radware provides an application protection solution suite for every environment, with automatic security policy generation

Bot Management

Radware’s application protection can distinguish between ‘good’ bots and ‘bad’ bots for protection of websites, mobile apps and APIs from bot attacks

Full Coverage of OWASP Top 10

Application security that protects from all forms of injections, XSS, access violations, DoS and more

Secure Application Delivery

Integrated application delivery and protection to accelerate performance and ensure SLAs


Industry’s First Hybrid Cloud WAF Service

The transition to the cloud renders on-premise mitigation tools ineffective against web attacks and requires dual protection of on-premise and cloud-based apps. Radware’s Cloud WAF Service provides fully managed, always-on hybrid protection against an array of attacks

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